Copy Of TurnItIn And Moodle IMPORT Assignment

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Once the General info and Description (optional) is complete move to the Administration panel. Choose IMPORT You will get a list and your course might be there if opened recently otherwise use the Search bar: You will then be taken to a screen to choose the existing Model Course to IM PORT to your current Shell. Follow the Prompts Click Continue, then on the next pages DO NOT unchecked any boxes and click NEXT in the bottom right side of the screen.

Do the same on each page until you re chi the screen that says PERFORM IMPORT. Click on it and you are done the importing of the Content. Like All new Models you Need to set your Enrolment Methods: Under Users choose Enrolment Methods Manual Enrolment is for YOU and for you to manually add other teachers. Click to Open the eye and click on the body with the +. Add yourself and any other teachers. Screen shot on next page Be sure to make yourself teachers as you add yourself across.

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Open the eye for Student enrolment so your dents can reenrolled in this course Once student self enrolment Eye is open click on the gear beside it and you can set your student enrolment Key Finding a teacher ( yourself) or other and adding to enrolled user . Be sure to Make yourself a teacher and keep the eye open in the screen above. Do not click on the X and remove Man al enrolments or you will be unrolled from your course. Students do not have the manual enrolment option. Go ahead and add your New Turning Assignment.

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