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Plagiarism and its importance. In most college courses, students often get engaged with each others ideas: we hear them In lecture and even read them in our text, Infuse them In our writings and lastly even discuss them In class. It Is nice to give credit where Its due since Plagiarism Is using another Ideas without acknowledging him or her as the source of that Information.

A way through which students could avoid Plagiarism, To meet this objective, you must give credit when you use: ?C another person?Ins theory, idea, or opinion; ?C facts, drawings, graphs, statistics, pieces of information which common knowledge; ?C Paraphrase of a person?was written or spoken words. ?C Quotations from another person?was work. These guidelines are from the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. Plagiarism Plagiarism vs. World Wide Web A source of information so popular to students is the World Wide Web.

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Avoiding popularizing these sources has given rise to many questions. A writer must cite the source if he/she refers from the WWW. This rule applies even when you cite from the WWW a visual piece of Information. Reasons about why students plagiarism; when there Is some notable changes In the quality of a students work In terms of style, content, relatively and even vocabulary. Such changes are clear indications to an instructor that a student might have popularized maybe intentionally or unintentionally.

A good example is when a student attempts paraphrasing so as to convey information but in the run fails to cite where that information was got. Also they may fail to show passages as quotations whilst inducting research for a project and later on treats it as it were a paraphrase. In some other extreme cases some will attempt to pass on their researched work as their own workings with intentions of passing their exams or tests with no much struggle and effort put Into the work or research.

They mostly cheat and feel the need to plagiarism when they arena?wet familiar or don?wet understand the concept or assignment under consideration, or If they feel that they don?wet have the time to work on the given assignment or lastly when they done have time to prepare adequately so as to turn In the assignment (Doorman et al. 145). These feeling can be alleviated by giving ample time in classes for questions and even doing out of class conferences Walt students. Dents popularize more oaten silence teen thank teen can be caught or detected and this is not always the case. Preventing plagiarism without fear. Is it possible to reduce student plagiarism? This could be achieved by not instilling fear but through education. Some students neither don?wet Just follow rules concerning the integrity of their due assignments that they prepare nor is aware of hat plagiarism.

Such a study should be based on a larger cohort that may include a control group although some reports indicate that some faculty members have had success with various techniques that they have used in some courses. It is also noted that students in groups that were likely to plagiarism will have the greatest gains in terms of integrity from relatively short tutorials about academic plagiarism and integrity. And all this show that when education is involved and not fear we could help prevent and avoid plagiarisms. The study as noted above was by Thomas S.

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