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You could lose marks if you write 10% more or less than this. C] You must submit a paper copy and digital copy (on disk or similarly acceptable tedium). Media containing viruses, or media which cannot be run directly, will result in a fail grade being awarded for this module. 0 All electronic media will be checked for plagiarism. Marker’s comments: Moderator’s comments: Mark: Computer Networks Moderated December 2012 Final NC Education 2012 Introduction The assignment allows the candidate to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of computer networks.

This assignment is based on the development of a computer network for a firm of architects with offices in one single-storey building. The network will provide services for all users in the firm. You are NOT required to design a complete network, only the detail specifically covered by the task list shown below. The Scenario A firm of architects is installing a data network for use by staff in its offices. The firm’s office consists of five rooms plus a reception area all on a single floor.

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The reception area has one Receptionist on duty responsible for dealing with visitors, accepting and arranging deliveries, taking incoming telephone calls, and carrying out some general administration duties. There are three Architects and each has their own office where they create architectural drawings and revive architectural services for the company’s clients. The Office Manager has an office and is responsible for the diaries of the three Architects, allocating clients to individual Architects, overseeing the activities of the whole office plus liaising directly with clients.

There are three staff members in the single-roomed administration office; one Marketing Manager who is responsible for advertising and marketing the business and two Administration Assistants who are responsible for all general administration duties for the firm. The data network installed in the office will provide Internet facilities throughout the office plus an intranet that will provide services such as access to client information, email facilities and file storage. An extranet will also be created to allow for company employees to work remotely and for clients to view documents directly.

The network must include facilities that allow for the storage and transmission of large files such as architectural drawings. Your role is to write a report outlining the options for the firm of architects in setting up their data network including details of how the intranet and extranet arrives will be provided. The detail of your report is given in the tasks below, but in general, you should provide a range of options and make recommendations as to which you think is the best option.

Task 1 -30 Marks Investigate network cabling options available in your country for the networks within the architect’s office. Pay particular attention to: a) b) c) d) The media used The connectors used The cost of cabling and installation The data transfer rates that will be required Provide recommendations for the cabling and connectors to purchase including seasons for this recommendation. Provide a diagram showing the network topology for the office – a neat and labeled sketch is acceptable.

Task 2 – 35 Marks The firm requires an intranet for internal communications including the storage of client files (which may be very large), printing facilities, email facilities, etc. It also requires an extranet for remote working and client access to relevant files. Research the hardware required for providing a secure intranet for all the functions the firm requires and a secure extranet that allows clients to access he architectural drawings and other documents that have been created for them whilst preventing access to other data.

Give details of: The data transfer rates and/or memory storage space that will be required for each function The hardware options available for each required function The costs of purchase and installation for each piece of hardware Provide recommendations as to the hardware that should be purchased and installed including costs for each item and total costs. Provide a diagram showing the network topology of the extranet – a neat and labeled sketch is acceptable.

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