Comparison of word processors Assignment

Comparison of word processors Assignment Words: 293

Use your textbook and online job search sites such as workshop’s. Com, monster. Ca, dice. Com (not dice. Ca) or other Government or Company sites of your choice to briefly research each of these five types of jobs. Canadian information is preferred. If you do use IIS information please be sure to indicate it in your description.

For each of the five you should, at a minimum, look into and present back: Summaries of job descriptions or functions Experience required Education required Salary or Hourly Rate (if available) Is this a good job for you? Why yes or no? (what am really interested in) Any other valuable or pertinent information Create ONE of the following to share your findings with: Well formatted MS-Word document pages) log type video of you sharing your findings and thoughts (Make sure you include your own thoughts as well. Formatting is up to you but should show consistency in fonts, sizes, color, spacing etc. If you Copy & Paste from a website to MS Word you may need to clean up the formatting a bit as well. This is NOT intended to be a huge assignment. Some students have found it to be effective to create a emulate page / form in MS-Word and then fill it out for each job. Flex those Word skills!

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Please include in your work which website URL you actually referenced. Multimedia submissions should be accompanied with links in the file’s description or in a text file submitted alongside the media file. If job reference numbers or some sort of identification is available please include them.

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