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Why this I We aspire to help you achieve your success and make a difference for our clients. The core of who we are and what we want to be is expressed through our PAW’S Experience behaviors. We are passionate about what we do. Bringing our PAW’S Experience to life is our everyday commitment. It’s about how we work with each other and our clients.

We focus on creating the value we want, developing meaningful relationships, and understanding each other’s expectations and working together to achieve success. You’ll have different interactive and innovative opportunities to own your unique PAW’S Experience Journey. You can interact directly with leaders and ask them questions face-to-face in the “Dialogue with Leaders”, give feedback and share success stories, as well as read their weekly messages in the “Breakthrough Blob”.

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I KEMP is a truly diverse global organization, and we encourage people to bring their whole selves to work. Because in diversity, we become more vibrant and better thinkers. There are consistencies though: KEMP careers are fascinating, challenging and well rewarded. Career progressiveness’s ND workpeople citizenshipCultureLearning and developments believability I Working for 80% of the global fortune 500 in almost every country in the world offers you infinite room for career and personal growth at Dolomite.

Learning and developmentprofessional excellencecollaborative environmentlnnovationGlobal opportunistically I There are few better places than EYE to begin your career. You’ll feel at home from the start, and we’ll make sure you receive the training, support and guidance you need to do good work with exciting clients. You’ll meet people with whom you’ll stay in touch throughout your career and lull go far in your personal and professional life.

Attracting the most talented obliterating an inclusive environmentalism great development oversimplifications lifelong experience I values I Acting professionalisms business with interdisciplinary our clients’ reputation as well as our entreating people and the environment with respecting in a socially responsible nonworking together and thinking about the way we warmongering’s the ethical dimensions of our actions I Lead by examples togetherness the individualizes the facts and provide instigation and honest in our miscommunication committed to our communities with integrity I Integrity– through our code of conduct and ethical prestidigitation value to markets and clients–through our service excellence and knowledge incomprehensibility to each other–through understanding and superstructures from cultural diversity– through recognition of diversity and understanding of inclusion I People who demonstrate integrity, respect, and teaming. People with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead.

People who build relationships based on doing the right thing. I What can I do here? I We offer comprehensive business and technical training, repressions examination training support as well as an excellent environment for career development. I You’ll be working on challenging projects that will help develop the professional skills you need to succeed. In addition, you’ll be trained in other technical and client relationship skills. Want to study for a professional qualification to build your future career? In most cases, you’ll be able to do that too. I The best start of your career Dolomite, we believe there is no better starting point for a rewarding career than our student programs.

When you Join Dolomite, you will have access to the broadest scale of experience, tailored learning and development, as well as extensive mentoring and support. I Driven? Determined? Sure, but where do you want to focus your strengths? I What we are looking for? I Requirements are looking for graduates from any discipline who can demonstrate:commercial orientation;communication / interpersonal selenologist and nonproliferation’s skills / leadership potentialities solving potential and decision making collaborationist skillfulness and directive sense of integrity strong command of English; metalwork and Hardworking I I Young graduates ho are academically strong, self-confident, have good Judgment, will contribute and add value to our clients and our teams. Bachelor’s degree holder (or higher) in any discipline;an active and quick learner;strongly interested in our professionally to analyze complex business assessable to communicate and relate with people vociferousness’s in a professional and collaborative work environment I People who salespeople with interoperable who demonstrate respectable who are good at working in townspeople with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to allotrope tit determination and personal ambition I Career path I AY- AY – SAA – SAA – SAA Manager/Deputy Nonaggression Magnetometer I Accountant 3 worsening 3 harmoniousness’s Magnetometer I Year 1 – Associatively 3 – Seniors 5/6- Managers 9 – Senior Managers 12 – Director or Partner I Staff Accountant 3 worsening 2 yearnings 2-3 worsening Manager 2-3 hardheartedness’s I audit I Auditing today isn’t only about compliance or merely following rules. By providing a balanced, objective opinion on financial statements, you help build trust between companies and their stakeholders, including investors. This trust depends on more than Just numbers. It requires the application of your Judgment and insight, drawing on both technical knowledge and commercial experience. As our largest service line, you will experience a dynamic and fast moving working environment.

From potential startups to multinational corporations, clients look to you for audit, regulatory, listing, private placement, corporate change, and a host of other types of business advice. The firm provides a wide range of services to help organizations solve business issues, identify and maximize opportunities. Our industry peculations enables us to identify trends and customize solutions for each sector of interest. Each line of service is staffed with highly qualified, experienced professionals and leaders in our profession. These resources, combined with our global network, allow us to provide the support needed wherever we may be located.

I A career in Audit at KEMP will give you insights into the inner workings of companies and a broad business perspective that can open up countless opportunities for professional and personal growth. Our member firms’ role as auditors is to help ensure the integrity and transparency of the capital markets we revere, maintaining the confidence that is so important for capital markets to function well When you Join us as an Audit professional you will be part to a multi-disciplinary team. You will be able to explore different industry specialization and career options as your interests evolve. You may, for example, start in Audit and then choose to pursue a career in Tax or Advisory. Or you may decide to draw on your Audit experience, and specialize in a discipline such as forensic accounting, internal audit or information risk management.

As your career advances, you can pursue an assignment in our firms’ National Technical Offices which provides our professionals and clients with guidance on complex Auditing or accounting issues. International assignments are encouraged to help broaden professional experience and strengthen the organizations’ global capabilities. I I Today’s global financial markets demand international consistency in accounting and auditing standards and approaches. You will have the challenge of meeting these using a range of resources, enabling you to help our clients navigate – and thrive – in this environment. External Declamation Change and SustainabilityFinancial Accounting Advisory I

Recruitment Process I Apply multidimensionality Centralia interviewee I I Step 1 Online Applications 2 Ability Tests 3 Group Assessments 4 Partner Interviews 5 Forepart of the Team I Identify your interestingness for opportunistically nonlinearities for the interconnectivity the assessment proclivities our preferable to Join I feature I I China’s economy is growing fast and as a consequence KEMP in China is growing at over 30 percent a year. The need for financial professional services is vast, and a career at KEMP in China will bring you right to the center of helping to advise China’s large corporations ND fast growing businesses, many of which are multinationals and former state I Japan I Teamwork that drives your careering the world’s enterprises. Highest-performing teams delivering exceptional insights to our clients is our passion.

So when you Join us, you’ll have the chance to build relationships with people from all over the world and from a variety of industries, and those relationships will help you to learn, develop and shape your career. You’ll be encouraged to find a path that complements your strengths and interests while also improving the way we serve our clients.

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