Communication Theory Project Assignment

Communication Theory Project Assignment Words: 318

This project is designed to understand a theory in depth, help you apply concepts we learn in class to a particular theory, and to explore the ways in which theory intersects with experience and practice. For the project, you are to choose a specific theory we discuss in class for analysis.

The theory analysis project will consist of (1) a literature review of the theory as it has been developed and tested by scholars, (2) an analysis of a specific communication experience or example that illustrates the theory in action, and (3) a discussion of the ways this theory could inform future practice in a specific context (e. G. , conflict management, health promotion, campaign development, health care provision, supervisor-subordinate interaction, family or relational counseling, small-group decision making, et cetera).

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For the first section of the assignment, you can draw on information from the textbook and you must use additional sources such as journal articles and other communication theory textbooks. The second section of the paper will not quire outside resources, but will require a great deal of thinking and discussion on your part. The third section should utilize the course textbooks to apply the theory appropriately to communication contexts.

The “deliverables” for this project consist of a double-spaced paper that covers the three major issues listed above. I anticipate that the successful completion of these tasks will lead to a 12-20 page paper (however, there is not a page minimum). The project will be graded on content (e. G. , the accuracy of theory ascription, quality of examples and application), organization, writing style, and mechanics. You must sign up for your theory by March 4, 2015.

This means you need to look ahead in the textbook readings to make an informed decision about your theory. Talk to Mary as soon as possible if you need help choosing a theory.

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