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With calculators, students had higher problem-solving scores, better attitudes toward mathematics, and better self-concepts of their own ability to do mathematics. Recent studies suggest that graphing calculators and computer symbolic algebra systems can be just as beneficial to student learning. ” (Dunham, 1 993) An added example is the employment of Smart Boards. Lately, have seen how teachers are able to give presentations a more expeditious in interesting appeal for the student without using time erasing ND spending money on whiteboard markers.

These are just a few examples of how technology has affected the speed and quality of education; nevertheless, will share how technology has personally played a role in school. As a University of Maryland University College Baccalaureate student, as well as being in a position in the United States Army to write reviews of a units performance and ways to improve readiness. I have encountered countless nights writing lengthy essays and doing research on specific people or event. With computer technology, my composition skills have increased as ell as the ability to make simple changes without writing the paper all over again. An proofread and look at different arrangements of paragraphs and topics in my outline to make sure they make sense. Additionally, with the help of online resources such Astor, Army Knowledge Online, and Google Scholars, am able to discover useful as well as dependable information without searching for hours in books. E-mail has similarly allowed me to converse quickly with teachers or subject matter experts, if have a query on an assignment or subject as well as ascertaining helpful information if I must e absent from school because of military obligations.

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For instance, many Universities now give students the opportunity to view their grades real-time online, also have had to travel all over the world to gather information and conduct on site investigations, most teachers have had have no problem with me sending my assignments by email while work on them on my own to turn in on a secure server. Web Itchy is not available on secure servers. Even though Eve had instants of absolute frustration with computers, printers, internet, etc. , know my educational quality would not be the same thou it.

I would not be where am educationally without it. As a parent, I see the benefits with my children as well. I have children of 7, 9, and 15. They all began using computers to conduct research with writing early. My daughter who is 9 years old has assignments where she needs to find a specific article or reading online, read it find the relevance and report in an essay format. She is in the 4th grade, and I am just blown away at her focus and attention to detail as she reads and builds her outline to write the topics and references she has found.

Thing I learned only recently while attempting to complete college courses. I find it astounding the amount she seems to accomplish at such a young age as I am sure many parents can relate to. In many ways, then, digital children have a far different sense of reality than previous generations. This digital reality is extraordinarily rich and complex. Yet children are still children in many respects. Though they may be sophisticated about technology, they still love a good story told at their level. The success of the Harry Potter books attests to this truism.

And while many contemporary teenagers are sophisticated users of all forms of technology, they remain as naive as preceding generations about the human condition. Young people today, like those of earlier generations, harbor mythical ideas about sexual behavior; many still believe you will not get pregnant if you do it standing up. (Liked, 2003) see the benefits with my own children. My sister has raised her children with no video games and no TV as well as going to strict religious school with only boards and books.

And I have to say that her children have not progressed heir cognitive abilities. I even was able to convince her that technology is not such a bad thing. It needs only be incorporated wisely and controlled so as to still provide those times a kid needs to figure a way to entertain themselves that believe is still needed for problem solving. Also know I do not know everything and although I am capable in helping my younger children, my high school teen is beyond some of my knowledge level.

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