Cognitive development Assignment

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The children aged 3-4 ears were placed in a group called the Rainbows taught by Brands Miller. The “Rainbows” consists of 6 participants; this is the group I attended to do my observation. The child I chose to do my study is a male named Hunter Ray Miller, age 3. The teacher Brands Miller is also the mother of the child I observed. His physical appearance consisted of Brown straight hair. He weighs approximately 30 pounds, has cute chubby cheeks and was dressed in a white shirt, camouflage pants and brown strap-on sandals. Hunter is at this center for 3 hours and 20 minutes per week.

The Indoor activity consisted of an arts and craft project. The children were given a paper plate with the rigid edges cut off leaving only a round flat surface, It also contained 3 medium sized hole punches. The children were given 9 strips of different colored paper and were Instructed to staple them Into circles and link them together attaching them to the hole punches. They were given glitter, paint coloring pencils and crayons and were able to decorate their wind chime however they pleased. The children were given 30 minutes to complete the task accordingly.

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After close observation, I analyzed Hunter and decided he would be categorized as a slow- to-warm-up child. When the class first started, he sat in his chair quietly, had his head down, and was fiddling with his fingers. When the arts & crafts assignment had begun, Hunter began stapling his strips of paper together with the assistance of his Mother/teacher. When another child had attempted to take one of Hunter’s red colored strip of paper, he quickly snatched It back and said “MINE! ” After this Incident Hunter seemed to be more Involved and Interactive.

The shy exterior quickly faded away. As far as seniority development goes, his large and small muscles seem to be developed just fine. He was able to grasp small pieces of paper and threw a few items on the floor using his large muscles in the arm. I felt his exploration of the physical world was not seen in this setting, as he sat in his chair majority of the 30 minutes. Hunter enjoyed bodily movement as he colored his wind chime and had a constant tendency to sway it in the air. Hunter’s creativity and imagination was emphasized during this activity.

He had swayed the finished wind chime in the air several times in attempt to imitate nature’s wind. Hunter drew a cross in the middle of the wind chime in several deferent colors and had added glitter glue to make it sparkle. Hunter’s wind chime was the most colorful and creative looking in comparison to his peers’ creations. Hunter was not product orientated, but was processed orientated. He was far too unique to be product oriented, and decided on his own version of the wind chime. Hunter Interacted with others after he was finished designing his project.

Hunter did not share his glitter glue with any of the Hunter did not share his action figure toy he had brought to group with him, he followed instruction well and obeyed majority of the rules. Hunter was not gender specific and interacted with both boys and girls. Distraction was not tolerated during this assignment and all students were required to remain on task. Hunter had no problem staying focused. Hunter had a speech impediment which played as a physical limitation, and only had a vocabulary of about 1 5 words.

Hunter seemed to e more cooperative than the other children when in terms of instruction and is persistent in the face of failure. Empathy was not shown during this activity. Hunter has a tendency to play with his fingers and pout when told not to do something; this is a release of anger in a socially accepted way. When leaving to go outside for playtime, he Jumped off of his chair fearlessly. Some aspects of play that contribute to Hunter’s physical development would be using his fine motor skills to color and stable the project.

This activity also helped in developing his cognitive development y requiring the child to use his imagination and creativity. His social and emotional development is met by allowing him to interact and use his imagination in a social setting. A micro system influence might be his rainbow group and spiritual influences within the theme of the group, this group might help develop his moral regards later in life. A macro-system influence might be his SEES, as his family seemed to be middle class. His needs were met and his appearance was well kept and well groomed. Any type of future illness or injury might impair his ability to see and create.

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