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When we would come back M would be there so maybe It appeared I was late. There were other students who showed up late a few and Marine never brought it up to them. 3. As mentioned I did not know how to complete the concept map. It was not explained to me fully. The only thing that M said was that she didn’t like the concept maps on our student website and that we should use her one. He passed our meeting is at the end of the day and oh are already very tired from a long day with patients. First of all a lot of things were discussed at the end of the day. This Is not a very good time because all of the students are tired form a long day and most of the other girls are anxious to go home. I even stayed late with Marine several times to understand how to fill the concept map. Only on the last few days before the end of clinical I found the other sample ones on blackboard were actually what was required. . I was assisting the nurse to do the tracheotomy care, afterwards I went write the charting of what appended but I didn’t know that the proper terminology was to write “As per RAN”. I was wondering about that and was did write myself a note to ask Marine about It but she was probably helping other students so I couldn’t find her at the time. When she came back she came to read the chart and saw it in the chart before she saw 5. On June 10th I came to the unit at 7 am as normal because I would be going to GIG unit that day.

When I came I waited in the hallway for about 10 minutes. M was busy helping other students. I decided to go downstairs to the lockers, and come back at 7:50 am. When I returned to the unit at 7:46 am and that when M said that she’d had been looking for me. I think it was a misunderstanding about the time. I thought we were supposed to meet in the hallway at 7:50 am. 6. I was there for morning report and Just went down to the lockers to get my safety goggles In order to start the morning care with my patients. Safety 1.

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On June 20th my first day of doing medications, we now had to care for two patients. I had not spent much time with Marine the first few days of clinical, she always seemed to be helping other students who were In response to the incomplete concept map. I was not made aware of how to fully complete the concept map on orientation day. -Marine said to all of us In our clinical group that she didn’t like the concept maps that were on our blackboard website so she passed around one that she did so we could look at it.

That was on our first day of orientation, we hadn’t seen any patients yet and it was passed around very quickly so it wasn’t easy to remember exactly what it said. It was unclear what her expectations were and because she said not to follow the ones on blackboard I thought she wanted something deferent from those concept maps. I went to the internet for research. Later as assignments were class several times with Marine trying to understand what she required. She told me to look on Nursing Central which I did.

I started doing my nursing diagnoses from that and that still wasn’t right,. Then I went to the internet and did research. As you’ll see my first concept map was very sparse, then as I was able to find more information from nursing central I filled up all the boxes and even needed more space on the back of the page. But she still said I was doing it wrong. Like I said she had told us to ignore the ones on the blackboard website so I thought she was looking for something different. I kept staying after our post conference to understand how she wanted them done.

A few days before the end of clinical I looked back in the student website and realized it was very simple and I should have Just been following the ones from blackboard to begin with. From my email records it looks like I sent it around 5:00 pm. 2. Yes, on June 12 my car would not start. I tested and called Marine at about 6:45 am to let her know that would be a few minutes late. I had been late a couple of times due to not feeling well and sometimes not finding parking. Most of the times I was on time and Marine wasn’t ready for us, she was still hotfooting things so maybe she didn’t steamrollering medications that day.

I thought that was fine because I expected that when it was my turn to do medications she would help me. But when it came to my turn, she Just started asking me what I am supposed asking and Just started writing down things that I was doing wrong. I had never seen a huge MAR binder before. She says I was flipping through pages and couldn’t find a patients name. She never once showed me how to use the MAR. The MAR that we used in NONE lab was one sheet and only had the patients’ name at the top. I thought each patient would have their own MAR.

The MAR they had on the medication cart was a big binder with many pages of pathogenesis’s. Nobody had shown me how to use this binder, and I never wanted to interrupt nurses as they were doing their work. Marine was standing beside me ‘pressuring me on what medication the patient needed next. I was flipping through the pages trying to find the patient’s name. Other nurses had seen this and showed me later how to use this binder and that it is divided by tabs with the patients’ room number. Instead of Marine helping me she was Just looking and writing down things that I was doing wrong.

How is a person supposed to function properly in those conditions? Maybe she has forgotten that we were completely new to that unit. And that was my first day of giving medications. Now that I know this I am able to use the MAR very easily. 2. The only reason I looked for catastrophe gray is because that was what we were talking about Just before in the patients chart. I thought she Just wanted me to look up to know what it was. 3. Marine was again grilling me and quizzing me about what I was supposed to do next, so I think I Just reached for the other patients’ chart in the room by accident. 4.

I have donned proper PEP many times before administering medications. I am constantly taking gloves on and off. At this particular time, the whole situation that the instructor was causing was causing me to make more mistakes I have used the safety engineer cap many the needle properly many times, my instructor was pressuring me and quizzing me at the moment about the procedure I was doing. The way she was pressuring me was not productive and could have caused me to compromise my safety. 5. I do not require above average lot of information and I thought we were supposed to watch nurses do it first.

I was a bit slow in understanding everything and this could be due to my anxiety, there was also a lot of information to take in one month. Many of the nurses told me I was doing really well, for this being our first clinical in the hospital. Almost all of my patients said I was doing really well. 6. A lot of people in our group has not missed or been late for a medication. Many other of my group members told me they had been late for medications as well. It was our first days of ever administering medication. I was doing the morning care and trying to get the patients walking around the unit.

It is difficult and takes a lot longer sometimes to get them up to walk or to assist them with morning care. Some patients are in a lot of pain, so you cannot Just move them quickly and move on to the next patient. If they are heavy sometimes you have to wait for a second person to help you if it’s a two-person transfer. I also had an stoma patient who had her rectum removed had her anus surgically stitched and said she in a lot of pain. She was very emotional because she realized would not be able to use the bathroom normally ever again. She has to excrete through an stoma gag attached to her stomach for the rest of her life.

A lot of these situations were things I had never seen before and were a quite upsetting. She was very emotional that day and I was attending to her. At the MAR cart, I don’t think I was overwhelmed I was trying to regain myself after seeing my patient in that situation. I was Just trying to process the situation. I remember I kept telling Marine I need a minute to think. I remember telling her maybe this Job is not for me. She said me that I was giving up to early and, I would get better as time went on and now she is trying to fail me. It doesn’t make sense..

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