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Emotional Intelligence Contemporary Assignment: understanding Emotional Climate In Groups I think that being able to recognize the emotional climate when In a group Is very Important and key to how you will respond as an individual. Emotional climate is defined as being the atmosphere in a group or organization that is created by the tone or mood of individuals and the relationships that they have with each other. There are two types of emotional climates that can occur, either positive or negative.

It is quite obvious that everyone would so much rather work with a positive group showing teamwork, operation, trust, helpfulness, friendship, making everyone feel secure and comfortable than being in a negative group where there are cliques, gossip, a lack of following through with tasks, fighting. I know from past experiences that when I enter a group setting this is negative I get stressed and automatically do not want to be there. I mean why would anyone want to work with a group that is getting no work done and nobody Is contributing?! Emotions play a huge role In groups and Impact the way that others respond and act.

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In Clara Dalton blob, How Do Emotions Impact Group and Individual Success? He Includes personal examples of experiences that he went through when he was in both a positive and negative emotional climate in a group, or on a soccer team in his case. He explains how when he was on a soccer team where he experienced a positive environment “players felt free to voice concerns, yet retain a sense that they were supported. ” He also talks about how when on a team where the emotions given off were “out of control, unpredictable, undermining, ongoing, and ultimately detrimental to the goals of the team. What most people have a hard time understanding Is that your actions and the way that you come across to people can either motivate them or at the same time push them away Instantly. No one wants to surround themselves with negative people because that only makes you have a negative mind sight too. It is so much nicer when you are able to feel supported and know that the people around you have the same goal and want to help you just as much as you want to help them.

I truly believe that this is something that many people can relate to because almost everyone, I know especially me, have been in situations where the atmosphere is either negative and positive. Dalton says at the end of his blob “when used properly, emotions help provide feedback, promote earning, and assist changes in future decisions making,” which I think is so important because I know that I would much rather be involved with a group of people that have a positive outlook on things because that wears off onto me making me positive. Http://w. NM. Staphylococcal. Com/blob/how-do-mementos-almanac-group-and- Individualistically climate in groups By savage Contemporary Assignment: Understanding Emotional Climate in Groups I think that being able to recognize the emotional climate when in a group is very important and following through with tasks, fighting. I know from past experiences that when I enter one and nobody is contributing?! Emotions play a huge role in groups and impact the way that others respond and act.

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