Climate Change and Agriculture Assignment

Climate Change and Agriculture Assignment Words: 821

Topic: Climate change and Agriculture. In the countries Solomon islands one of the major problems today is climate change activities. Climate change is the common tolerance background in which this account is looking at the changes that affects most aspect of the environment. How it is important of agricultural activities. The basic of greenhouse effect the greatly affected by changing of climate. However the potential impacts of climates change on agriculture anterooms of food security.

More over about the climate change of how does it related to both of them. The protest of impact of climate change to agriculture, the negative impact of climate change each positive impact. What do people done with regards to the fact the local example from the normal cycle pattern. Furthermore with the title weather, climate change; first of all weather could be specifically moving as the rain season at the atmosphere pattern which is led to short day period of cloud that’s the outcomes about whether. Sometimes we experienced cloudy day in the atmosphere due to weather pattern.

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The climate change however can be aspect weather pattern that normal experience rower from each normal of original pattern that we experience rain that increases every year. Time, wind, makes a huge prolonged at the starting of the seasons. Climate can change in many form of pattern therefore identification should be grander of all living creatures. Climate change can be implement through the high amount of temperature rise and less than ICC it also reduce at 85% climate change should be granted by experience of a prolong time given season.

Through the theory of study of how about climate the outcomes stated that Solomon islands climate only have two season of climate namely the dry period of season and wet season throughout every year. Secondly, climate change outcome in many varieties of factors. Therefore the greenhouse gases were the most common gases which are increase up through yearly concern. Humans activities is one of the most concern of people life today activities. They release of global carbon around through the production which is increase of carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere very higher concentrations to the atmosphere pressure.

All greenhouse gases can globe together in terms of natural performance or natural outcomes should called greenhouse effect. Solar energy it omens from the sun can release energy in terms of solar radiation the very got comes and goes through the gases layer while some other gases that evaporate back in to the atmosphere some solar power can experience very warmed at the maximum of thirty degree (ICC) and thirty three degree calluses (ICC). Liar system that release into the earth grass that gives photosynthesis for the plant in order to produce of crops to growth radiation emplace not enter the earth globe and some are present in the earth other solar power reflected up to the space. However, greenhouse gases come in very less number or amount that the tome household we feel cold temperature in the earth due to higher amount of solar energy that can be reflect back to the space. Higher amount of gases that presence into the atmosphere, this lead to the rise of temperature that heat back into the earth than the space.

In order to make correct amount of greenhouse gases we need equal right number of greenhouse gases should be present in the earth globe. However greenhouse gases have a very useful uses due to equal distribution of heat present in the environment. Examples of natural heat are; volcano trees or forest. However he earth covers with many layers that can absorbed heat that release every now and then. Nevertheless, the most greenhouse gases almost human being also contribute very lower amount towards the earth they produce by gas.

The main properties which may cause of greenhouse gases are given as water vapor or rain season which is give plants to be well germinated and better growth. Water is the main source of life people should care and protected from pollution, the best way which is best to cared is to increase the resources to made a better production water course of life so guide it well. Carbon dioxide (CA), intro oxide (NON), methane (CHI) and ozone (03) these major causes of greenhouses gases on the earth atmosphere.

Flooding emplacement due to heavy rain drops poisonous in the environment changes in climate people should be think wisely about the environment and more concerned of what should do to make and reduce the topic about climate Climate change happen today. Thirdly, the agriculture and the development is greatly affected by the changing of climate changes in many ways. As happen every now and then farmers are those that contribute in the economic production in the country. They produce many crops

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