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Not many people understand fully what seniority is, and hopefully this article can help those who can’t. It is a disease that I have developed at an early time. When it comes to seniority one of the first symptoms are procrastination. Many seniors procrastinate on assignments and projects. Not only does that affect their grade tremendously, but it gives Off an attitude that seems like they do not care at all. If you have noticed a senior procrastinating already, stop and warn them that they are becoming lazy. Soon they will not turn in their work at all.

The early stages of seniority can be stopped early if the senior is aware that the procrastination they are doing is taking a downfall on their grade. If the senior is at its fully procrastinating advantage the next stage that will happen to seniority is being unmotivated. The senior will not care at all, and just give up before the assignment is even due. Procrastinating and being unmotivated is a deadly mix. At that point the senior is only turning in half the effort projects, or not even turning them in at all.

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They will use all the excuses n the book to get out of the assignment or not have late points on it. At this stage seniority does not become curable. After procrastination, and unmotivated the senior starts to experience lateness. When the final minute bell rings, to them they do not believe one minute is left to get to class. The senior will begin going to sweep like it is part of their normal school schedule. The seniority is already flowing through there blood system and now becomes part of them. They are no longer fully themselves when walking on to campus.

Some cases the senior may not even how up to school once they find out they have overslept After this stage the seniority is very and extremely fatal. The final stage of seniority is the worst stage. There is no turning back, the senior has reached seniority. The final stage is being overly social. At this point the senior has given up on school and now is only focusing on their social life. They have come to full terms that they will not graduate, and will have to end up taking summer school. During school they use their full time on social media and testing.

They have stopped listening fully and barely now urn in assignments. The senior now is a two time senior. Seniority has minor symptoms too, but the major ones causes problems for all. Not just the senior itself but also the senior family member, and friends. There are some cases where seniority develops early among juniors. The symptoms are deadly when mix together. It is a disease that I can only describe myself as the senior even though I am a junior. I have received every major symptom and more. The only way to classify myself is based upon my actions. I am “that senior” sadly.

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