Child Development Observation Assignment

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The preschool years which are the ages between 2 h years to five years old is an exciting time for children. It is during this time that they use all of the development learned during the infant and toddler stage to actively explore and engage in school. Preschoolers learn how to make their own choices, develop socially, and explore their environments. Parents and caregivers still play an important role in helping children during this time take initiative and explore their environments.

Adult’s behaviors, attitudes, and styles of thinking contribute to preschoolers development. Children develop at their own rate while showing developmental landmarks at different times. There are still important stages that occur during this period in a child’s growth physically, social-emotionally, cognitively, and their language Physically children in the preschool period begin to lose their baby fat as they become taller. Their facial features begin to change as well as their adult like features will begin to form.

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In the area of motor development children are more advanced as they are able to handle their movement more gracefully during this stage. ‘These children have mastered walking and can even run, stop, and change directions with ease. ” (Christina J. Groan, Stephanie K. McCarthy, Afoot R. Kirk, 2014) Their fine motor movements are improved as they are able to draw and some able to write their name. Cognitively children are advancing as well during this time as they advance in brain growth and development. “Brain growth and cognitive skills continue to increase in complexity, building on the development made in the toddler years. Christina J. Groan, Stephanie K. McCarthy, Afoot R. Kirk, 2014) Children are able to communicate better with others as they have the ability to process their own thoughts and understand the thoughts of others. They are able to determine patters and learn how to recognize the alphabet as well as numbers. Through play they are able to learn their environment and it helps with learning. In the area of language development preschoolers are developing well as they learn more words and are very verbal. Children are more vocal about their surroundings, feelings, and other individuals.

It is important to pay attention to speech during this time as most delays in language are noticed during this stage of development. “It is important to encourage talk at this time, and to seek advice from a specialist if any delays are suspected. ” (Christina J. Groan, Stephanie K. McCarthy, Afoot R. Kirk, 2014) Socially children are developing as they show interest in playing with other children. “Children are driven by the desire to be liked and place the utmost importance on friends. ” (Christina J. Groan, Stephanie K. McCarthy, Afoot R. Kirk, 2014) It is during this period they children learn how to share ND respect other feelings.

Children learn how to follow rules and know their boundaries during this stage of development. Each stage of development is essential in how well children are able to enjoy the exciting time of preschool. In the video “Drama’s Transition to Group Time” We are introduced to Dorado who is in a preschool setting. Dorado and his class are transitioning from playing with Logo’s to group time. As Dorado is helping place the Logo’s back in their proper place he is gripping a green chair. Another child attempts to take the chair and Dorado aggressively informs the child that the chair belongs to IM.

As he walks away to put the last Logo away another child tries to take the green chair. Dorado snatches the chair from the child and is prompted by the teacher that there was a better way of handling the situation. As the children are seated in the group Dorado is having trouble adjusting to the group momentarily because he wants his chair positioned a certain way. He is again prompted by the teacher that he must take turns just like all the other students. Dorado struggles with this situation for a moment but then adjusts as the teacher begins to take attendance.

After attendance the children move into an activity of letter recognition and “job” selection. Dorado actively participates in the group and is able to select a new “job” assignment and appears to be pleased with his assignment. Dorado appears to be in the preschool stage of development. Physically he is developed as he is able to place the Logo’s back into the container as instructed. He is also developed well cognitively as he has the ability to follow instructions. Drama’s social- emotional skill is developed as he shows emotion when the green chair is taken from him.

Dorado appears to have good language develop as he is able to actively participate in the group with letter recognition. He has great self- help development skills as he has the ability to move the chair into position that he wants as well as the ability to place the Logo’s back in their correct container alone. Dorado is struggling with sharing and his emotions as he becomes upset about the green chair and where the chair is placed. After prompting by the teacher Dorado becomes more acceptable of the situation. In this situation as the instructor I would have handled it in a similar manner.

It is important to prompt children who are struggling to share with other classmates the importance of sharing and how it makes the other child feel sad when they do not share. I agree with how the teacher asked Dorado if he “needed a moment” in order to compose himself about the situation Of seating. The preschool years are fun as they are an introduction to academics and learning. During this time children are introduced to writing, arts, and engaging with their peers. It is an important time before entering Kindergarten as the social-emotional skills are greatly strengthened during his stage.

Children learn how to compromise, be respectful of others, and problem solve. As in the video with Dorado he was able to learn problem solving and the importance of being respectful of others in his setting. Preschool is important as it allows children to grow, prepares for Kindergarten, and promotes important stages of development. It is a great stepping stone for children to enjoy learning while building friendships.

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