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“One Nation under Wall-Mart’ is a case about how Wall-Mart has hostilely oaken over the retail business. The case states that Wall-Mart is able to offer cheaper prices because they put so much pressure on their suppliers to lower their prices. The case also shows statistics of how much percentage Wall-Mart is of many suppliers’ sales. According to the case Wall-Mart has a 30% market share of all household items. 28% of Dial’s business and 24% of Del Month’s business go through Wall-Mart stores. An amazing statistic of Wall-Mart is that they import 10% of all United States imports from China. One Nation under Wall-Mart” explains the problems that some people have with the massive retailer. It explains how because Wall-Mart is able to purchase goods at such cheap prices and pass on the savings to its customers, it has forced numerous local businesses to close their doors. The case also states that Wall-Mart is very anti-union and that it pays its workers near minimum wage at an average of $8. 23 an hour for sales clerks. Wall-Mart also is very stingy’ on health benefits for its 1. 4 million employees. These statistics are said to be the main reason Wall-Mart has a 44% employee turnover rate per year.

Since Wall-Mart employs so many people and the pay rate is so low, the government has to “pick up the slack” for these people to work. A congressional report states that a two-hundred-employee store costs the government 542,000 a year in housing assistance, $1 08,000 in children’s health care, and $1 25,000 in tax credits and deductions for low-income families (Shaw, 2007). The case states that since Wall-Mart is such a huge retailer it can actually influence culture in some areas. Wall-Mart has refused to sell mature rated Cad’s and computer games.

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The company also has removed some magazines from its shelves and put covers on others. Wall- Mart is the only top ten drug chain to refuse to sell proven, a morning-after The case states that the biggest barrier to growth for Wall-Mart is not competition from a rival like Target; it is the “opposition at the local level. ” The residents of the proposed cities are trying to preserve their local communities, businesses, and local shopping areas. Professor John E. Hopes of Bassoon College says that we should take a long-term view at Wall- Mart.

He says that there will be another business that has a different business model that will overtake Wall-Mart and end its long reign that Wall- Mart won’t see coming (Shaw, 2007). As Jeffery seem writes in Fortune magazine, “If you’re a consumer, Wall-Mart is good for you. If you’re a wage- earner, there’s a good chance it’s bad for you. If you’re a Wall-Mart shareholder, you want the company to grow. If you’re a citizen, you probably don’t want it growing in your backyard. ” (Shaw, 2007) Love Wally World I know that everyone loves low prices, but I could really think that not everyone loves Wall-Mart.

I love “Wally World”, I believe go there at least 20 times a week. Wall-Mart’s buying power and cost- saving efficiencies force local rivals out of business, thus costing jobs, disrupting local communities and injuring established business districts. For example, within five years after a Wall-Mart upper center opens, two other supermarkets close. Further, Wall-Mart often insists on tax breaks when it moves into a community, so its presence does little or nothing to increase local tax revenues. Wall-Mart Positive and Negative People all over America are currently absorbing the effects Of a recession that has swept the nation.

Many causes and solutions have been proposed that could possibly bring America’s financial crisis to an end. While economists are arguing back and forth, there should be no doubt that Wall- Mart has played one of the biggest roles in our economic downfall. As a fit-billion dollar corporation, Wall-Mart has been unethical with their profits. This treatment has not only hurt the majority of their hourly associates and lower management, but their unethical ways have affected everyone. The only option left to hinder Wall-Mart’s dishonorable practice is for the opposition to promote the success and support of local business.

We need to put an end to the injustice caused by this corporate beast. Some people view Wall-Mart as the savior of our nation. These people blindly state this due to the fact that Wall-Mart employs more people than any other American corporation. We all love that we can shop at one store that has a wide variety of products at a usual lower price. However, would we still love this corporation if it was the cause for many of our financial struggles and destroyed our nation’s economy? We all need to look more closely at the truth behind this corrupt business.

The retail job market has actually shrunk tremendously due to the rapid expansion of Wall-Mart. Wall-Mart has Cut the number of full-time positions available by hiring more part-time workers. By cutting associates hours below thirty-two hours per week, the company saves in health insurance pay-out. Employees of Wall-Mart cannot afford to pay for health insurance themselves, especially those on part-time salaries. In fact, the government is likely to be paying more money in health care for these workers than their employer. Without these government funded health care programs, many associates would be hopeless.

An interview took place with a co-manager from Wall-Mart in the documentary titled “V’/al-Mare The High Cost of Low Price,” this manager claims that his training store managers had stated multiple names, “keep the number of associates from being full time, as many as you can, keep many of them part time. Both store managers and assistant managers are being trained to keep their turnover rates as high as possible. By keeping a high turnover rate the salary of their associates are being kept at a minimum and upper management embraces every minute of it.

Summary of Utilitarianism “Utilitarianism is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. ” Although it is very difficult to do Utilitarianism can be measured. When an event happens or somebody performs an action, you could count the number of people the event helps and divide by the number of people the event harms and this number would be the events utility. We would hope that the number is always above one. The higher the number the better the event would be. For example the utility of Hurricane Strain would be very low.

There were many people that lost their lives when the hurricane hit the southeast coast of the United States and many more that lost everything they had, such as family members, their house, their car, and all their belongings. Utilitarianism can be a bad theory in that it eliminates individual rights. If the utility of an event were calculated to be good then the event would be “forced” on the public. The people in the equation that are harmed from the vent are not cared about since there are more people that will gain from the event occurring. Therefore the individual rights of the harmed are “thrown out the window. Utilitarianism is looked on as good is pleasure and bad is the absence of that pleasure; pain. So when a person has any type of pain this is not in line with Utilitarianism. Only when a person is experiencing pleasure is there good in the person’s life. So in regard to Wall-Mart, the utility can be good for some when one opens up in their area but bad for others. For example, if you are a store owner the utility of a Wall-Mart coming to your town is very owe, but if you are a low-income family trying to save money wherever you can the utility of a Wall-Mart coming to town would be much higher for you than for the store owner.

Retailer Too Large of Too Powerful Wall-Mart is the world’s largest retailer and it is still growing. Wall-Mart is such an enormous company that it affects billions of people every year in more than one way every year. The success of this company has been argued to be beneficial by Some and detrimental by Others. When a Wall-Mart is opened up in a town, it affects the area in both good ways and bad ways. There are many benefits Wall-Mart can offer a community, such as a decrease in the unemployment rate, and a larger tax base, and there will also be an increase of visits to the city by out-of-downers coming to shop.

Some negative influences are how it affects small local businesses. Small businesses across the United States and in other parts of the world are being forced to close due to the success of Wall-Mart. Within five years of a Wall- Mart opening, two other supermarkets close. (Shaw, 2007) Wall-Mart is such a big player in the retail business it covers all aspects of retail including food, loathing, sporting goods, hardware, and car care to name a few. When a Wall- Mart comes to a town every retail business is in danger because chances are Wall-Mart carries their products at cheaper prices.

Fortune magazine writes, “If you’re a consumer, Wall-Mart is good for you. If you’re a wage-earner, there’s a good chance it’s bad for you. If you’re a Wall-Mart shareholder, you want the company to grow. If you’re a citizen, you probably don’t want it growing in your backyard. ” (Shaw, 2007) think that this is so true in that it matters how you look at the situation. If you are a small retail store in a small own, you will most likely lose your customer base and soon lose your business soon after a Wall-Mart comes to town.

If you are a person looking for a job when a Wall-Mart opens its doors that Wall-Mart would be a good thing for you because you will more than likely get a job working there. Another reason somebody might be biased is that if you are a stockholder of Wall-Mart you want them to open as many stores as possible so that the stock price will go up. It would be easier to calculate the utility of Wall-Mart in regards to one aspect but to calculate the utility of the whole company would be impossible. Wall-Mart’s Expansion Wall-Mart is a corporate beast that crushes anything that stands in the way of its money-grubbing systems. In 2003, Wall-Mart reached $244. 5 billion in sales,” according to “The Case against Wall-Mart” (Norman 8). We should start investing our money in the success and support of local business instead of allowing the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. The ones who pour their heart and soul into the flourishing of the corporation are the ones who are struggling financially. The system is truly unfair and needs to stop. The corporation’s business policies are unethical. Hopefully, we can make changes hat will stimulate our economic growth once again.

By bringing about awareness of the issue, we can change and give hope for a brighter tomorrow. Conclusion I have talked about case number 4. 3: “One Nation under Wall-Mart. ” I described what the case talked about and also talked about the utility of a Wall-Mart in a town. Think that a Wall-Mart is a source of competition for any town that it enters, but is it good competition or bad competition? Small businesses obviously think it is bad competition since they are affected in a negative way. I think that Wall-Mart should not use such a monopolistic approach to eliminating local competition.

The huge corporations that produce our cars appliances, computers, and other products many of them household names like Nikkei, Coca- Cola, and Johnson & Johnson are a familiar feature of contemporary capitalism; However, Wall-Mart represents something new on the economic landscape. Now the world’s largest company, Wall-Mart has achieved its corporate preeminence not in a production but in retail. No other retailer, at anytime or in any place, has ever come close to being as large and influential as Wall- Mart has become.

After years of nonstop growth, there are now more than ,750 Wall-Mart stores visited every week by 138 million shoppers. And the time as it moves beyond its stronghold in rural South. Even, eighty two percent of American households purchase at least one item from Wall-Mart every year. As result, the company’s marketplace clout is enormous: it controls about 30 percent of the market in household’s staples; it sells 15 percent of all magazines and 15-20 percent of all CDC, videos, and DVD’s; and it is expected to control soon over 35 percent of IS. S. DOD sales. References Miller, Matthew, and Duncan Greenberg. “The Richest people in America. ” Forbes, retrieved on March 29, 2015, The 400. Mugger, Andrew, Wall-Mart Nation, retrieved on March 29, 2015, DVD. Title House Distribution, 2008. Norman, AH. “The Case against Wall-Mart. ” retrieved on March 29, 201 5, Atlantic City, NY: Raphael Marketing, 2004: 8. Shaw, W. H. (2014). Business ethics: A Textbook with cases, (8th De. ). Boston, MA: Coinage. Cheerier, Your first sentence said it all that Walter has hostilely taken over the retail business.

I think you made some good arguments for and against the business model that Walter used to do business. They have been criticized for using their size to take advantage of their workers and Orca suppliers to cut their costs to the lowest possible amount. Think we need to decide can we allow companies like Walter to take advantage of our free market system without any responsibility to our citizens. We all like to save money when we purchase products from a retail store. However think we need to have a conversation what effect these low prices have on our country. Mr..

Barnes SCORE PURPOSE AND AUDIENCE weight: 25% 2 ORGANIZATION Weight: 25% DEVELOPMENT 4 LANGUAGE weight 25 Addresses purpose effectively, uses assignment to explore topic’s intrinsic interest, shows full understanding of issues, engages audience, establishes reducibility, uses headings, format and citation in PAP style (where relevant) effectively Focuses consistently on clearly expresses central idea, uses paragraph structure and transition guide reader effectively Explores ideas vigorously, supports points fully using a balance of subjectivity and objective evidence, reasons effectively making useful distinctions.

Employs words with fluency, develops concise standard English sentences, balances a variety of sentence structures effectively B weight = 19 Adheres to purpose, Fulfills assignment, shows adequate understanding Of key issues, style is appropriate to intended audience, presentation is addable, format is correct. Central idea is clear, paragraph structure is adequate, some problems with consistency, logic or transitions Supports most ideas with effective examples and details, finds suitable balance between references to personal and external evidence, makes key distinctions.

Word forms are correct, sentence structure is effective, applies standard English grammar and mechanics C weight = 13 Waivers in purpose, incompletely addresses assigned topics or directions, shows more need to examine issues, style varies, and visual presentation is ragged. Loose focus on central idea, contains some repetition and digression, Truckee needs work Presents ideas in general terms support for ideas is inconsistent or unsuitably personal or distant, some distinctions need clarifications, reasoning unclear.

Word forms and sentence structures are adequate to convey basic meaning, errors cause noticeable distraction D Weight = 6 purpose unclear, failure to address topic or directions, weak group of issues, inappropriate style, careless or messy visual presentation Does not focus on central idea, contains many repetitions and digression, very weak structure.

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