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The purpose of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the fundamental theoretical and applied aspects of general Chemistry. The course has been designed for beginning Chemistry students, and it covers topics such as the metric system, atomic structure, periodic table, energy, chemical names & formulas, chemical reactions, nuclear chemistry, the mole, geochemistry, gases, and more. Students will also learn basic laboratory principles and techniques. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: 0 World of Chemistry by Gumball, Gumball, and Detects (Published by Brooks/Cole Coinage Learning)

ISBN #978-1-133-10965-5 0 Chemistry Labs and worksheets: Lab manual for Regular Chemistry. The packet must be purchased from the Campus Bookstore during the first week of school.

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Tests will be calculations and multiple choice, and will cover all of the eternal discussed in class, the labs, AND the reading assignments. NO test grades will be dropped. Test dates will be posted on the internet (Black board) and it is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the test date. Students will not be allowed to borrow or share calculators during tests. If a student does not have a calculator tort the test, he/she will nave to take the test without the use to a calculator. Students may not use smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Urine any quiz or test unless the instructor gives approval. LABS: Students are required to complete assigned labs. Each student is required to wear the safety glasses during ALL labs (unless otherwise instructed by the teacher) and will be assigned too lab group to perform the labs. Students are expected to follow all lab rules and regulations to ensure safety for all students. One (1) lowest lab grade will be dropped at the end of each quarter. If a student is absent for a lab, that zero will be the lab grade dropped at the end of the quarter.

NOTE: Students are responsible for bringing their safety glasses to class on lab days. If they forget them they may “lease” a pair from the instructor for a nominal fee, or aka a zero for the lab. The instructor will deduct 5 points (or more) EACH TIME the student has to be reminded about the safety rules during a lab, and also when the student damages or breaks a piece of equipment. In the event that a student breaks an expensive piece of equipment, he/she will be required to reimburse the science department for the value of the equipment.

A student may be removed from the lab and given a zero for the lab if he/she fails to follow all the safety rules during the lab. HOMEWORK: Problems and worksheets will be assigned on a daily basis. No late work will be accepted by the teacher. The student MUST SHOW ALL WORK or he/she will not receive credit for that problem/assignment. Homework assignments will be posted on the internet (Black board) and it is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the assigned problems AND the due dates, especially during periods of absence from class.

Please see the Science Department Absence policy on BlackBoard for time requirements regarding make up assignments. QUIZZES: Quizzes will be given almost daily. The teacher will drop 3-4 of the quiz grades at the end of each quarter, depending on the number of quizzes given that quarter. Because of the high number of quizzes given each quarter, missed quizzes CANNOT be made up, and will be recorded as a grade of zero, until the end of the quarter, when the zeros will be dropped. If a student is absent for an extended time arrangements will be made for the missed quizzes. The teacher DOES NOT accept assignments via email.

BLACKBOARD: All Homework assignments, test dates, lab assignments, power point slides, and other important class assignments and information will be posted on Black Board. It is the Student’s responsibility to check Black Board on a daily basis for assignments. If a detent is absent from class, he/she is responsible for checking Black Board for the assignment. 1) The Student is expected to keep up with all due dates. All make up work assigned when the student is present in class is due the day the student returns from an absence unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.

For work assigned during the student’s absence, he/she has up to FIVE days to turn in make up work (this includes A and B days AND weekend days). Please see the “Science Department Absence Policy’ for more details. 2) It is the responsibility of the student to arrange a time to make up a missed est.. The make-up test will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the instructor. The student must arrange the make-up time IN PERSON. 3) Procedure for missed lab: a) 1st missed lab will count as lowest lab grade and will be dropped at the end of the quarter. B) Student may complete lab with another section if possible. ) Student may write a paper and turn it in two weeks before the end of the quarter. (See instructor for guidelines). 4) Procedure for missed tests: If a student it absent on the date of a test, upon return to school, it is the accessibility of the student to arrange a make-up time with the teacher at a date and time that is CONVENIENT FOR THE TEACHER. If a student is absent prior to the test date, and the test date was previously posted when the student was not absent, and the student then returns on the scheduled test date, he/she will be required to take the test on the scheduled date.

If the student knows he/she will be absent for a test prior to the test date (ii: because he/she will be gone on a fielder with another class) then he/she must make arrangements at least one day before the test date. ) Procedure for missed work due to extracurricular activities: If a student misses any work (class notes, homework, labs, tests, projects) due to a field trip, sporting competition, choir function, band function, or ANY extracurricular activity, he/she is REQUIRED to turn in all work BEFORE the activity.

If the student fails to do so, all the work will be considered late and will not be accepted. Therefore, the student will receive a grade of ZERO on the work. If the student waits until the day that he/she will be absent to notify the teacher, all work will be considered late and will not be accepted. The only exception: The student may arrange an alternative time to turn in the assignment with the teacher BEFORE (at least one day in advance) leaving for the fielder, extra-curricular activity, function, etc.

TEN points will be added to the Semester AND Final exam test grades if the student does not need to take any make up tests. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the student is present for all tests on the scheduled dates. STUDENT EXPECTATIONS: 1) Student must be sitting in assigned seat when bell rings. 2) Student must be sitting in assigned seat when dismissal bell rings and he/she ay not pack up until the dismissal bell rings. 3) No food or drink in the classroom AT ANY TIME! (Gum/Food Fines Triple in Science Rooms). 4) Students must follow all laboratory safety rules and regulations. ) Absolutely no late work is accepted and will result in a grade of zero. 6) Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a zero on the assignment, parental notification, and Dean of Students notification. 7) A Hallways will only be issued too student if it is an absolute emergency. 8) Homework assignments must be turned in when the teacher asks for them or the detent will NOT receive credit for it (ii: homework turned in during the middle of class or at the end of class will be considered late and will not be accepted). ) The student is required to bring the textbook, lab manual, and calculator to every class. 10)Laptop usage will be directed by Instructor. BOYD for Syllabus/ Guidelines and Expectations: Students are allowed to access Bless wireless network with their personal devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, readers, etc. ). These devices may be accessed in class with teacher approval. At the teacher’s discretion, students may use their vices for note-taking, class-related web-based activities, eBook access, and group work and collaboration.

Devices are to be put away when asked to do so and are not to disrupt the learning of others. The use of a device under Bishop Lunch’s BOYD policy requires the student’s adherence to the school acceptable use policy (AUP). Technology may only be used with TEACHER APPROVAL and at SPECIFIED TIMES. Devices that will be used should be on your desk closed/or turned off at the start of class. Tutoring: Tutoring is also offered on a weekly basis by the Bishop Lynch National Honor Society o all students in room 116. Check the schedule posted in the science hall.

Please complete and sign the signature sheet and return to your instructor by the assigned date. (signature sheet below) Chemistry – Regular Course Expectations Signature Sheet Instructor: L. Feel Course: Chemistry We the undersigned, agree to abide by the standards and procedures as outlined in this course expectation. We understand that in order to be successful in mastering the objectives of this course, all requirements must be met as indicated.

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