Changing Paradigm of Management and Foundations Assignment

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Planning defines where the organization wants to be In the future and discuss how to get there. Organizing follows planning and reflects how the organization tries to accomplish the plan. Leading is the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve the organization’s goals. Controlling means monitoring employees’ activities, keeping the organization on target toward its goals, and making corrections as needed. 4. Efficiency refers to the amount of resources such as raw materials. Deed to produce an output or a product or service, based on the how much raw materials, money, and people are needed for output. On the other hand, Effectiveness is the degree to which the organization achieves a desired. Managers have a responsibility to achieve high performance for the organization’s goal-Both efficiency and effectiveness are both Important for performance, but In my opinion Effectiveness Is more Important. An organization efficiently produces a product that is not desired by the environment or the users will not achieve its goals ND will not do well. . A manager’s skill is multidimensional and requires necessary skills for handling and managing an organization. A person who is promoted from a non-management to a management position, has change In Human skills which Includes the motivating, facilitating, coordinating, leading, communicating, and resolving conflicts and working with other people to accomplish certain goals. As a person or manager moves up or as a manager Is being promoted, conceptual skills are needed, these are the thinking and planning skills.

A manager can acquire new skills through practice, observation and formal training. Some of the necessary planning to assistants or to planning groups. 7. Agree, To be a good, accomplished and successful manager, we should first know and understand the basic principles of management, learn the concepts that could help understand and analyze the nature of work to be managed, understand the behavior of people and our work environment. Moreover, while studying and learning about management, students may acquire skills as a manager through group works, ongoing researches and assignments and reporting 8.

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In the new paradigm, the primary responsibility of management is to create learning capability throughout the organization. Yes I would like to work or manage in a learning organization. In a learning organization, everyone participates in identifying and solving problems, enabling the organization to continuously experiment, improve, and increase its potential. Also, top managers are leaders who create a vision for the future that is widely understood throughout the organization. 9. Management education on workforce diversity for future managers is indeed very important.

Future managers should know how to influence relationships among people from different cultures. Also management education needs to know and understand each background, needs and expectations so it will be easier to mange them. In my opinion, diversity and empowerment will have a substantial impact on the organizations in the future. 10. Yes, because we should always study or know about the past to understand more about what is happening in the present so that we could plan for the future. I find employee empowerment very appealing. Team-Based Structure would be 11. Official to adopt, working with other people, with different cultures and races would be hard. 12. Yes, having good leadership provides motivation and a supportive learning environment and helps enforce full participation of employees and members and detailed planning and control. 13. Scientific management it suggests that decisions about organizations and Job designs should be based on precise, scientific study of individual situations. In this management approach, process has to be precise unlike with the earlier approach it does not necessarily have to be exact.

Also, when it comes to workers and employees in the scientific management, it requires an employee or worker with an appropriate ability or trained worker who is probably an expert and who has undergone training and formal practice. Informal aspects of the workplace. Employees performed better when managers treated them positively. This approach shaped management history, and the belief hat human relations is the best approach for increasing productivity persists today. 15.

Yes, I do think a management theory will be as precise as theories in the fields of physics chemistry, or experimental psychology. This is because management may also be about experimenting and there is management research, same with science. In case physiology or experimental psychology in management wherein it is the science of mind and behavior where one studies the mental or behavioral characteristic of an individual or group in relation to a certain field of knowledge.

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