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Many products are a combination of a odds and services. Service includes repairs and maintenance, government, food and lodging, transportation, insurance, trade, financial, real estate, education, legal, medical, entertainment and other professional occupations. Hard Rock Cafe© is a chain of theme restaurants founded in 1971 by Americans Peter Morton and Isaac regret in London. Hard Rock has amassed one of the largest collections of rock and roll memorabilia in the world. Hard Rock Cafe© provides an unique experience to its customers through it best customer services.

The ability to make good decisions in he following areas and allocate resources to ensure their effective execution goes a long way toward an efficient operations function. Operations managers play key role in applying the management process to the decisions they make in the Operations Management functions. 10 key decision are as follows. Hard Rock 10 decisions are Hard Rock Ford 1. Design of goods and Services – I Hard Rock has Unique way of designing their services and each new franchise.

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Some of the music they offer are Rock and roll, Surf music, Garage Rock, Pop Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock, etc I Group of Engineers and expertise design their automobiles, trucks, buses, tractors, automotive components. | 2. Managing quality I Have to have a standard quality measurement throughout its franchise in all the countries. I Have to have a standard quality measurement and each new car have been tested for the quality. | 3. Process Strategies I It is a Short term process strategies but how best they can serve it.

It is consistent process of new idea of entertainment. I Consistent research and development in how best they can improve the process of manufacturing for long term. | 4. Location Strategies I Hard rock have to check for crowd, checking for criteria. I They have to look for the availability of resource (skilled human resource, raw materials, etc) to open up new manufacturing company. | 5. Layout Strategies I Hard rock always has a best strategy when it comes to layout for example its Lass Vegas, New York, Amsterdam, Rome, etc.

I Ford has manufacturing operations worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and South Africa. Ford also has a cooperative agreement with Russian automaker. 6. Human Resources I Employees are well trained and they provide the best service to their customers. I Require Skilled employees with good educational background. So they can apply their knowledge and provide best output. 7 Supply Chain Management I In a service sector they have to be creative and able to understand the changing needs of the customers and provide the service as go.

I Rouge Steel plant is one of the supplies for the automotive industries. They always have to find the next best alternatives. | 8. Inventory Management I In Hard Rock Cafe© the cost important inventories are all kinds of rock and roll items, who can be found in each Hard Rock Cafe©. Hard Rock Cafe© has invested 40 million dollars in one of the largest collections of Rock and Roll memorabilia inventory. The in number about 50,000 items are cataloged, get refurbished and changed their location by times.

Ford initially implemented its Wherever system to track materials within a 250000 soft. Area in Van Dyke facility in Sterling Heights which produces more than nine million components annually for Ford Cars and Trucks. Ford’s Wherever ARTS tracks ACH item during its time in the plant so that personnel can always locate it quickly. Ford recently gave full corporate backing for use of the technology in plants Normalized. | 9. Scheduling I Hard Rock Cafe© with 23 departments and over 600 people on pay role there are many factors that have to be considered during scheduling.

All their schedules are based on sales forecasting I Ford has an extensive system of forecasting their labor needs and providing the their needs as required. I 10. Maintenance I IT is a consistent process at Hard Rock Cafe© so they have to have day to day basis of Maintenance strategy. I Due to global market Ford has to compete with global companies it has to have the best Maintenance strategy for its customers well as the Vendors/Suppliers. I Hard Rock Cafe© also sell the products DVD’s Musical Cad’s T-shirts, etc. So they sell a combination of goods and services.

Ford is an American multinational automaker introduced methods for large scale manufacturing of cars and large scale management of an industrial workforce using elaborately engineered manufacturing sequences typified by moving assembly lines. They are also known for their good services on their cars. In other words Ford provides both goods and services as well. Differences between Hard Rock Cafe© Vs. Ford Motor Company are as follows. * Tangible and Intangible – Hard Rock Cafe© provides “an experience” to its customers which is an intangible.

Whereas Ford manufactures and sells automobiles like cars, Subs, etc which is a tangible * Produced and consumed simultaneously – Services are often produced and consumed simultaneously, Hard Rock Cafe© provides services where customer have great experience and food which consumed as it is produced. Ford Motor company manufactures and sells cars which is ensured by the customers later. * Products can be resold – Ford products can be resold but not the Hard Rock Services. * Unique services – Often Services can be unique like in Hard Rock where customer can pick particular band to have a great experience.

Well with Ford mass manufacturing they produce for the mass. * Quality is measurable – Both Ford and Hard Rock have different way of measuring quality of their product and services. * Product is transportable and transferable – Ford Motors can transport and transfer its product but not Hard Rock, I it’s services need to be consumed as it produced. Higher Customer interaction -Being in service sector Hard Rock Cafe© will have higher customer interaction where as Ford Motors do not have much interaction with its customers.

Although service products are different from goods, the operations function continues to transform resources into products. Indeed, the activities of the operations function are often very similar for both goods and services. For example for both goods and services must have quality standards established, and both must be designed and processed on a schedule in a facility where human resources are employed. 20th Ford Motor Company and Hard Rock Cafe© provides a combination of goods and services. Selling is often a part of the services and inventory used at the Hard Rock Cafe© which is used to produce final dish is also a product.

They also sell DVD’s and other accessories at Hard Rock Cafe© are also products. Ford offers the services and maintenance which is part of services that is intangible. Due to globalization and competitive market businesses have to come up with best of product and services or combination of both. Chapter 2 Review the 5:50 minute Strategy at Regal Marine case study video on your DVD. Question 2 in your Student Lecture asks you to do a SOOT analysis. Using the internet locate a SOOT form that suits your thinking and complete it for this case. Upload this assignment for scoring. 2.

Identify the Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are relevant to the strategy of Regal Marine. In today’s competitive world every company should have clear mission backed by strategy and action plan to achieve its mission. Regal Marine believes in making our customers feel like royalty. They are a family owned and operated business, and as fellow boating enthusiasts, they know how important t is to entrust your watercraft with professional who care. UP Tim Suck, says that they take decision base on 6 dimensions – value, quality and satisfaction – Providing good ‘alee, quality and satisfaction to its customers. Integrity and Honesty -Working with Integrity and honesty -Character- Having good character as a team -Money – Making money is a mission but by providing good value to its customers – Profit sharing – Making money is its mission but sharing with the team members also its –mission. -Participate in the success – Keeping it’s team members interest in achieving company’s mission by profit sharing. Operating managers take decisions on key areas like quality, product, processes, location, inventory, layout, purchasing in timely manner enhances strategy and competitive advantage can be achieved.

Regal Marine achieve missions in three ways Competing on differentiation, cost leadership and Quick response. Regal Marine, one of the Use’s ten largest powerboat manufacturers, achieves its mission -providing luxury performance boats to customers worldwide using the strategy of differentiation. It differentiates its products through constant innovation, unique treasures, and nigh quail Differentiation goes beyond physical characteristics to encompass everything about the boat that influences the value that the customers derive from it.

Operations manager make distinctive product and have high value pursuit its mission for its customers. They design, manufacture and market 22 variety product lines of boats, ranging from the $11,000 3-passenger Rush to the $250,000 40-foot commodore {act. Once firms understand the issues involved in developing an effective strategy, they evaluate their internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats of the environment. This is known as SOOT Analysis(Strength, Insaneness, opportunities, and Threats).

Strength Weakness Differentiation- Regal Marine goes beyond physical characteristics to encompass everything about the boat the influences the value that the customers derive from it. *Continuous innovation -as reflected in Computer aided design. * *High Quality Molds- Close tolerances that are controlled through both defect charts and rigorous dismal inspection. * Cost Leadership- Regal can profitably produce a product line of 22 boats, ranging from the $11,000 3-passenger Rush to the $250, 000 40-feet Commodore Yacht. Services – Regal Marine provide year-round boat service.

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