Minit Lube Case Study Assignment

Minit Lube Case Study Assignment Words: 311

The following are some observations, conclusions and recommendations we made. Company’s value proposition is Operational excellence All ten operations decisions has to support chose value proposition and provide competitive advantage- Mint-lube provides fast and quality customer service at low cost by utilizing resources in an efficient way Analysis Mission of Mint-Lube is to provide fast and superior quality customer service with no additional cost to customer.

In order to succeed in the market place company has to have focus. The value proposition most likely might be Operational Excellence. In this case, competitive advantage is created through high efficiency of the operations, and as a result providing a greater value to the customers in comparison to key competitors. Ideally, we have to analyze 10 operation decisions In all functional areas In the light of chosen Value proposition and determine areas of process improvements.

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At the name time we have to decide which of the 10 decisions we have to concentrate on In terms of improvement and how much effort we will place on others. The service provided by the company is in maturity stage since it Is highly standardized and many other companies provide similar service to the customers. In order to retain and improve productivity company has to be highly efficient In use of assets. 10 operation decisions should be Implemented In a way to provide competitive advantage. 1.

Services design. Company differentiates Itself by creating positive first impression, providing fast service by combining procedures which can be done simultaneously and more efficient way of assets usage. 2. Quality. Precise Job assignment, good training and concentrating on specific task allow for a high quality service while ensuring high speed. 3. Process and capacity design. Since the product Is In maturity stage the capacity utilization has to be optimal, and process must be very stable…. [continues]

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