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Over the years there haves been a large increase in waste management and recycling efforts within the United States. These efforts have not only be produced by individuals but also small and large businesses have also participated in these going green efforts. These efforts also include reserving energy and the use of toxic and harmful chemicals.

Currently environmental officials have Joined in the attempt of keeping the earth clean by creating efforts through LED. LED stands for Leadership in Energy and Design. It is a rating system used in the construction and operation performance of commercial and residential buildings. Beginning in 1994, the rating system was first developed by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). It wasn’t until the United States Green Building Council (USB) was developed that the rating system began to be used.

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The membership was looking for a way to standardize a green building rating system that would satisfy all aspects of the building industry. The USB was financed by the government but is considered a nongovernmental organization. In the development of LED, members of the USB felt that the rating system had to be accepted by building owners in both the private and public sector in order for it to work. This was done by marketing, stating that Green buildings would have a higher resale value along with the save the environment philosophy. (The U.

S. Green Building Council, 2014) Thanks to government influence tax incentives also play a big part in becoming LED Certified. LED was produced by a collaboration of people from all aspects of industry, colleges and government organizations such as U. S. Department of Energy. The interest in Green building has been dramatically growing for years. People have become alarmed over the news about mold issues in schools and their homes. Most building products, consumer goods and even furniture have some form of toxic chemicals that seep into our homes.

The average family spends 0% of its time indoors, either at home or school or work (Wilson, 7). We want these places to be safe, not make us sick. With rising costs of operating homes consumers are becoming concerned with cutting energy use but still be comfortable and safe. Green homes are cheaper to operate, the materials are low maintenance and there energy use is low. In my opinion new buildings should be required by law to adopt the LED standard design. Everyone benefits from Green building, from the people who make and work with the product to the homeowners that live with these trials.

With these products manufacturers and construction companies save money by not being required to have special handling procedures or equipment. If Cartridge White Assignment 7 By Emcee-White workers stay healthier there is less lost time on sick leave. The same should be said about our home environment, Asthma has been on the rise and medical experts are blaming the chemicals and plasticizer used in the construction of homes. These chemicals are beginning to appear in humans worldwide and are considered to be he cause of some developmental and behavior problems (Wilson, 25).

With Green Building comes a new age in construction. The biggest question is will it be accepted and can it be made affordable. High performance buildings make sense, not only for new construction, the LED process can be used in all aspects of construction, from residential to remodeling. Establishing guidelines gives contractors and designers a starting point. The United States Green Building Council has Chapters located all over the country and has even become the standard in which other countries are trying to plicate.

These actions will offer the ecosystem the opportunity to remain a safe and clean for the people and for all living things within the environment.

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