Capstone Unit Assignment

Capstone Unit  Assignment Words: 309

Tonight we watched an episode of The Rookies named Neon Skies. The episode was about getting a couple of cops In a bad neighborhood to get to know the community and try to deter crime. The chief believes that Terry, a young African American rookie cop, would be great for the task. When rookie Terry passed on the offer, clean cut white Willie stepped up. The first day Willie encounters one of the neighborhood’s crew at the gym and invites them to a game of basketball.

He gets beat up when he gets too close. He was also wearing police gear. Willie is a nice guy and is determined to come back. Terry ends up accompanying him and they both return the next day. At first their effort at community policing Is unwelcome by the crew. Willie Is fascinated by gangs and that’s why he took on the assignment. The guys are not sure whether to trust them or not but are impressed that he came back after the beating. Both cops are determined to get the crew’s trust, so when the crew is invited oh rumble; the cops have no choice but to go along with it.

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They are conflicted but do not report it. Terry and Willie show up to the fight and Terry makes fun of the guys for fighting with weapons. Both crews drop the weapons and fight bare hand. Eventually someone pulls out a gun and shoots the leader of the crew the cops are working Walt Everyone takes TOT out ten two cops. I nee take ten man to ten nonstop They later find out that the man was shot by a member of his own crew. Although the guy that shot him did not intend to shoot him, they had to arrest him.

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