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Table of Content Marketing Plan4 Introduce the product and/or service4 Define the Market4 Company Location4 Demographics:5 Demonstrate a market need, define market drivers:5 Market Segmentation5 Consumer and Menu Trends6 Competition:7 The Market and Competition8 Government regulation9 Business Cycle9 Marketing Strategy10 Pricing11 Packaging11 Advertising11 Promotions12 Distribution13 Selling Incentives13 Location Analysis13 New Product Development13 Sales Forecast:14 Market Share:15 Marketing Salaries Budget:15 Competition16 Legitimize claims and assertions17

Marketing Budget17 Operations Plan- The Enclave Bistro17 Mission18 Positioning Statement18 Product and Service18 Products of the business:19 Keys to Success19 Sales Literature20 Legal Organization20 Reasons for forming an LLC21 Credibility of the Management Team21 Employee policies23 Recruitment23 Hiring23 Key Employees24 Salary and wage policies26 Training and development26 Customer Satisfaction26 Vendor Relationship27 Risk Analysis28 Loss or Incapacitation of Key People28 Financial and Operational Controls29 Expense Budget29 Exit Strategy:30

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Sale of the firm30 Loan31 Industry Practices:32 Legal organization32 Vender availability33 Financian Plan:33 Pro-Forma Financials:33 Important Assumptions34 Financial Research42 Industry Overview42 Competitive Landscape42 Economics43 Cited References44 Appendix46 Competitors List46 Floor Plan48 Location Map49 Menu50 Marketing Plan Introduce the product and/or service Services of the business: Casual Gourmet meals Artisan Bakery (breads and pastries) Cafe and Espresso Flavorful wine selection Meals served: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Amenities: Dine-in, Patio and Take-out Hours of Operation: Monday thru Saturday 6 am to 10 pm Sunday 7:30 am to 7 pm Methods of Payment: Cash and all major credit cards Define the Market Company Location: Enclave Bistro is located at 15800 Spectrum Drive in Addison, Texas. The facility is 2500 square feet, providing adequate space for dinning, food preparation and inventory storage. The location will provide our guest the convenience of a bistro in the center of a dual development areas providing commercial and residential environment.

Patrons will have ease of access to walk or drive to the location. There is free general public parking garages to handle the parking demands of the general public use and adjacent are parking lots that are shared with the Dart parking system for additional parking capacity. (See appendix for map) Demographics: Our target demographic during operating hours will be the mid-twenties to early sixties. Statistics provided by city-data. com, disclose the greatest number of residents either male or female are between the ages of 25 and 30 with middle to high income.

The majority of the residents in the area reside in 1 bedroom apartments or 3 bedroom houses. The bistro will appeal to single and married persons who are health conscious, highly intellectual yet trendy. Demonstrate a market need, define market drivers: Out of the 13,873 residents of Addison, 6100 of the residents are less than 30 minutes form home. Out of this number 1009 of the are less than 5 to 9 minutes from home. This is demonstrating that the people that live in this area also prefer to travel short distances.

The Enclave Bistro will cater to this cliental with a convenient location in a residential and commercial use development. The traffic count for the area show that 7860 cars a in the area on daily basis as is listed as a saturation point in the traffic count report for Dallas County. So this suggests a heavy traffic pattern of commuters to the area for dining and recreation. This area is also having a growth of new development even in a slow market for other parts of the county. Market Segmentation

Enclave Bistro market segmentation will focus on three distinct groups: Medium to high income individual who do not have time to cook, conspires to enjoy a casual gourmet meal. Dual Working adult families that prefer to dine-out with family and friends. Healthy eating individuals that are intrigued with enjoying a diverse selection of healthy recipes consisting of low-crabs, low-fat and organic foods. Consumer and Menu Trends What’s Hot on Restaurant Menus? A survey of more than 1,000 chefs shows that some of the hottest menu trends are bite-sized desserts, locally grown and rganic produce, flatbread and bottled water. Additional “hot” items include pomegranates; figs; grass-fed and free-range meat; fresh herbs and exotic mushrooms; whole-grain breads and focaccia; Mediterranean, Latin American and Pan Asian fusion cuisines; salts, aged meats and ginger; pan-seared, grilled and braised items; specialty sandwiches; and Asian appetizers. (Information provided by Restaurant. org). Sales at full-service restaurants are projected to reach $182. 9 billion in 2009, an increase of 1. 0 percent over 2008. Quick service restaurants are projected to post sales of $163. billion in 2009, a gain of 4. 0 percent over 2008. Eating-and-drinking places will see an increase in sales from 2008 of 2. 2 percent, totaling $395 billion. (Information provided by Restaurant. org). Organic and Local Items Increase in Popularity. Organic items are growing in popularity across the board at table service restaurants. Among restaurants that currently serve organic items, 52 percent of fine dining, 42 percent of casual dining, and 27 percent of family dining restaurant operators expect higher sales of those in 2007. Locally produced food items are also growing in popularity.

Fifty-one percent of fine dining, 38 percent of casual dining, and 31 percent of family dining operators expect sales of locally-sourced items to grow in 2007. (Information provided by Restaurant. org). .According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant industry sales are expected to reach $566 billion in 2009, with the industry employing 13 million individuals in 945,000 restaurant and foodservice outlets nationwide. The Forecast projects that while overall restaurant industry sales will increase in current dollars by 2. 5 percent over 2008, the number translates to an inflation-adjusted decline of 1. percent. Despite the economic downturn, the industry remains a cornerstone of the economy, representing 4 percent of the U. S. gross domestic product and employing 9 percent of the U. S. workforce and restaurants will continue to adapt to the latest menu trends and consumer preferences. (www. restaurant. org) To be successful during the present economic downturn and prepare for an eventual recovery with its pent-up demand for restaurant services, restaurant operators are offering the value patrons desire in conjunction with operational improvements that cut costs without detracting from the dining experience.

Indeed, the top trend restaurateurs see for 2009 is an expanded focus on value, with 36 percent of quick service operators and 16 percent of casual-dining operators seeing the demand for value as the year’s top trend in their segment. (Information provided by Restaurant. org). Competition: There will be a minimal reaction from our competitor due to the fact that no competitors are within . 2 of a mile of our location as per Google Maps; in addition we will be imbedded within a new European styled neighborhood. We are planning to use one of the French pastry restaurants as a supplier creating mutual collaboration.

As for the competitors, according to the Town of Addison, Texas website under Fast Facts, there are currently 170 restaurants within a 3 mile radius of our location, and of these 24 are key competitors to the Enclave Bistro. Of these 24, 8 are within one mile of the location and are listed below by distance (Town of Addison, AddisonTexas. net,2009): The Side Walk Cafe is located at 5030 Addison Circle, which provides catering, coffee, tea, smoothies, deli/subs, eclectic, fast foods, Mediterranean, and continental breakfast.

Their hours of operation are Monday thru Sunday 7am to 10pm with prices up to $10. The Astoria Cafe located at 15701 Quorum Drive offering coffee, tea and deli/subs from the hours of 7am to 12 am Sunday thru Wednesday and Thursday thru Saturday 7am to 2pm with prices ranging up to $10. The Town Cafe located at 16601 Addison Road offering fast-food and breakfast from 6am to 2 pm Monday thru Friday with prices ranging up to $10. The Market and Competition The National Coffee Association states that Americans consume 400 million ups of coffee per day, thus giving the United States the worlds leading consumer of coffee. An average of three cups per day are; consumed by seventy-seven percent of countries adults on a daily basis. (Ghena, Downtown Economics, p. 1 ) As for the restaurant business, a growth rate of 48% has occurred in the past 9 years; growing from $379 billion in 2000 to $565 billion in 2009 and it is estimated to grow an addition 23% percent. (NRA, Pocket Factbook, 2009) The local Texas economy has projected to register $35 billion in sales in 2009. NRA, At a Glance, 2009) Government regulation Enclave Bistro will have fewer than 13 employees and will not be required pay into workmen’s comp insurance. There are OSHA requirement for safety of employee and customers which have to be addressed on a daily basis to avoid fine and potential lawsuit this can be addressed by creating standard operating procedure (SOP) to minimize the risk. In addition we will require a taxes accountant or training for our management team to address required taxes for Federal Government. Business Cycle

Even with the current recession, the Restaurant Performance Index indicates that the restaurant industry has only dropped by 4% and historical data shows restaurant share of the food budget in United States was 25% in 1955 and is presently at 48%. (NRA, PocketFactbook, C2009). In addition in 2000 there has been an increase of 15-20% per year in coffee sales across the nation creating current market of $18 billion of which 50% are specialty coffees. (Ghena, Downtown Economics, p. 1 ) Research conducted by Nielson Media Research states that 28% of the coffee shop patrons are single adults about 43 with 70% holding a post graduate degree.

And of these patrons, those who drink specialty coffees have an average income of $76,000 per yr. A study published by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, assumes that gourmet coffee consumption has remained steady but the espresso has increased from 3% to 7%in recent years. The study also concludes that sales in coffee house nation wide average annual sales of $170,643. According to the National Coffee Association, there are approximately 12,000 coffee shops across the country and by 2010 this number is expected to increase to 50,000+ coffee shops.

Even though the gourmet coffee sales have been the strongest growing part of the coffee market, recent studies show that espresso drinks are beginning to grow in popularity, meaning that coffee shops will also grow in popularity. Texas has 35,890 eating and drinking locations and this generated $35 billion in sales yearly in 2007 this averaged $975,202 per location. By combining a coffee shop and restaurant we will be tapping into a niche market with excellent growth potential.

Thus making Addison a prime market for a coffee shop since it has a population of only 15,830 residents, but its business and daytime population typically increases to 100,000 a day, in addition 55% of these residents are about age 25+ and have an higher level of education ranging from an associate’s degree, to master degree. (Ghena, Downtown Economics, p. 1 ) Marketing Strategy The Enclave Bistro will provide a unique European Style atmosphere with competitively priced dishes with exceptional service. In order to capture a significant market share there will be several avenues to promote the Enclave Bistro.

Pricing Addison is one of the Dallas area’s most popular destinations with more than 170 restaurants, 22 hotels and hundreds of local businesses. The Enclave Bistro will fit perfectly into the blend of diversity the city uniquely offers to its residents and visitors. Although surrounded by other restaurants, the Enclave Bistro will be distinct in its competitively priced menu, delightful atmosphere and exceptional service. Packaging High quality customer service packaged with an appealing atmosphere and a variety of delectable dishes will ensure customer loyalty. Advertising

The Addison Circle area consists of 15,830 residents, one hundred thousand business commuters and visitors visit the area daily creating a lucrative business opportunity for a distinctive bistro. In addition, the city of Addison host 29 events through out the year; providing the potential to generate extra seasonal event revenue, due to the festivals being held in the vicinity through out the year. The Enclave Bistro will saturate advertising through several avenues. •Online Listings – A listing in the local Addison Business Directory and •Online Yellow Pages will allow us to reach the local economic. Val Pak – With economic challenges, consumers are looking to make the most of every purchase. Using Val Pak will allow the Enclave Bistro to offer special savings to a target consumer base in and around a specific mile radius of the Addison Circle. •Flyers – Handing out a flyer with a condensed menu will be a cost effective way of inspiring customers to visit the Enclave Bistro. Handing out flyers door to door, parking lots and high walking traffic areas will allow for personal customer interaction. Flyers can also be placed in local business and leasing offices.

This will be ideally used during the special event dates in order to capture interest of visitors to the area. •Sidewalk Billboards – To capture customer attention in the high walking traffic areas, the sidewalk billboards will provide a vibrant condensed menu and directions for customer to follow in order to locate the Enclave Bistro within the Addison Circle. This will be ideally used during the special event dates in order to capture interest of visitors to the area. Promotions A Grand Opening will inspire customers to experience the Enclave Bistro and opportunity to introduce our menu to the local residents and visitors.

The Grand Opening will offer a special promotion for the first 100 customers to receive free coffee and pastry. Sample offerings will be provided to local business offices to promote new menu items. A “frequent visitor” card will be provided to a select target group in order to obtain a free meal after the fifth visit. Distribution Flyers will be distributed among local business offices, leasing offices, parking lots and high traffic walking areas. Selling Incentives Incentives will be established among all wait staff members. Incentives will be simple, specific and attainable.

GEM (Going the Extra Mile) points can be earned when a customer fills out and turns in a Customer Comment Card or customer makes a personal and positive comment to management personnel regarding food quality or service expectations or peer/peer recognition. Incentives will range from display of employee of the month and/or monetary award. Location Analysis The Enclave Bistro is conveniently located in the heart of Addison Circle within walking distance of local business complexes, town homes and very close driving distance from neighboring cities and hotels.

New Product Development The Enclave Bistro values each and every customer and is willing to adjust the offered menu based on customer feedback and routine surveys. A periodic taste test will be organized among a target group. Future consideration to moving into new markets is based on success of current location and ability to raise additional capital. Sales Forecast: In our Sales Forecast for Enclave Bistro we will assume that there will be no change in cost of prices for at least five years. Even though there is still sign of slow down in economy the Restaurant. rg reports that average sales in restaurant industry increase by 6. 75% per year. Therefore, we would also assume that our sales will be increasing each year by 6. 75%. Enclave Bistro and Coffee shop will have 30 tables with 4 seats for each, so in total we will have 120 seats, which is also including outside patio. We would assume that Enclave Bistro is working at 75% of its capacity, and an average turnover will be 2 times per day for total 90 seats. In addition to that, we would suppose that on average Enclave Bistro will be operating 27 days per month.

As a result, we will be able to sell 83476 units first year for the total sale of $902,941. By the year five our sales will be reached to $1,126,355. (1) SALES FORECAST FOR THE YEARS ENDED MAY 31, FY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 Days of Operation Unit Sales Breakfast1579316894171791845519702 Espresso and Coffee Drinks2256124134245422636428143 Lunch (entree drink)2256124134245422636428143 Dinner (entree drink)2256124134245422636428143 Other beverages0 Total unit sales83476892969080597547104131 Unit Prices Breakfast $ 8. 86 $ 8. 86 $ 8. 6 $ 8. 86 $ 8. 86 Espresso and Coffee drinks $ 3. 0 $ 3. 00 $ 3. 00 $ 3. 00 $ 3. 00 lunch (entree +drinks) $ 12. 85 $ 12. 85 $ 12. 85 $ 12. 85 $ 12. 85 Dinner (entree drinks) $ 17. 97 $ 17. 97 $ 17. 97 $ 17. 97 $ 17. 97 Other Beverages $ 7. 00 $ 7. 00 $ 7. 00 $ 7. 00 $ 7. 00 TOTAL UNIT PRICES $ 49. 8 $ 49. 68 $ 49. 68 $ 49. 68 $ 49. 68 Sales Breakfast $ 139,928. 35 $149,683. 37 $ 152,208. 52 $ 163,511. 30 $ 174,559. 72 Espresso and Coffee Drinks $ 67,683. 00 $ 72,402. 00 $ 73,626. 00 $ 79,092. 00 $ 84,429. 00 Lunch (entree + drinks) $ 289,908. 85 $310,121. 90 $ 315,364. 70 $ 338,777. 40 $ 361,637. 55 Dinner (entree drinks) $ 405,421. 17 $433,687. 98 $ 441,019. 74 $ 473,761. 08 $ 505,729. 71 Other Beverages TOTAL SALES $ 902,941 $ 965,895 $ 982,219 $ 1,055,142 $ 1,126,356 Market Share:

Enclave Bistro will focus on meeting the demand of regular local resident customers as well as on customers that come to work to that area very day. About 100,000 people come to work every day to Addison area. Marketing Salaries Budget: The personal plan calls for hiring 4 full time salaried employees at the beginning, part-time servers/waiters will have to be hired for about 112 hours per week of operation. Also, 3 dishwashers will have to be hired for no less than 30 hours per week. We are planning to increase salary by 3% every year. Employee salaries: Position# of employeesSalary Owner/General Manager1$43,000

Line Cook 11$21,000 Souse-chef/Line Cook21$21,000 Servers6$15,000 Dishwasher3$17,000 Total12 Personal Plan FY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 Owner/ Manager$43,000$43,000$43,000$43,000$43,000 Employees139,000144,460150,084155,876161,1843 Total People1212121212 Total Payroll$182,000$187,460$193,084$198,876$204,843 Competition In the local area nearby the Allegro Addison Town homes, there are various types of competition. However, when performing an internet Google search, there are no coffee shops within a 0. 2 mile radius. With this being said, The Enclave Bistro has a niche and the opportunity to be profitable.

The Google search discloses eight restaurants within a mile of the Bistro, which are: Astoria Cafe, Side Walk Cafe, and Town Cafe. These are all diverse settings that meet the needs of the various cultures in the area. (See Appendix of complete listing) Legitimize claims and assertions Based on the research completed for the area, work life and night life is abundant; therefore a bistro with a tailored menu would be a valuable solution to meet consumer demand. The target demographic would typically engage in the late night festivities in the Addison Circle.

The European village charm lends itself for a great entertainment area. The majority of the people in this demographics drinks coffee or some caffeinated beverages throughout the workday and like the experience of dining in a bistro or cafe environment. Recent studies have released that there is a 15-20% increase in coffee sales per year across the nation. And the National Coffee Association states that Americans consume up to 400 cups of coffee per day. Marketing Budget The marketing group at the Enclave Bistro will be working with a marketing budget that will eventually equal up to 5% of its generated sales.

However, our initial marketing budget will focus more on getting the name and location out to the public. We plan to utilize radio commercials, local newspaper, and flyers. Flyers will be printed and hand delivered to local area businesses. In addition to leaving flyers, we plan to provide samples of coffee, sandwiches, and pastries. We intend to advertise in the local Addison Circle tenant guide that will offer coupons. Operations Plan- The Enclave Bistro Mission Enclave Bistro has a remarkable atmosphere for people to dine with family and friends that have an excitement for a variety of fresh ethnic and healthy foods.

The Enclave Bistro provides our patrons a choice of enjoying a unique meal in a diminutive European sitting. Our goal is to transcend our customers to a relaxing experience as an essential part of the way we do business. Positioning Statement For people who desire nourishing food and the freedom to tailor their meal to their own health conscience needs. Enclave Bistro will focus on satisfying patrons who expect a certain level of customer service, quality of food at reasonable prices and convenience to the location. Product and Service

Enclave Bistro will provide gourmet meals that will focus on a European dining experience for patrons with a desire for alternative to fast foods. The bistro will provide our customers restaurant quality meals to enjoy in the comfort of quaint Tuscan atmosphere. Our Chef Specialty selection of ethnic and healthy recipes will cater to those individuals with a diverse taste for ethnic foods and healthy cuisine, consisting of low-carbohydrates, low-fat, and organic foods. Customers can also enjoy our extensive selection of distinct pastries, breads, and an assortment of specialty coffees and teas from around the world.

Products of the business: A great selection of meals customers can walk in and choose from an assortment of freshly prepared meals. The meals will be listed on a signage board and the dishes can be altered to customize a meals for customers that want to mix and match for dietary reason or to have their favorite foods assembled for a meal. Chef Specialties – Our chef specialties will consist of Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Roasted Baby Carrots with fresh Thyme Espresso Bar – Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Mocha and French Press

Soup, Salad and Sandwich Station: Baby Spinach and Smoked Chicken Breast with Balsamic Vinaigrette or chilled Lobster salad Bakery – French breads, Focaccia (flat bread) and Whole Grain breads Wines: Classic Red and White wines and modest Vintage selection Keys to Success Continuously focus on exceeding customer expectations in customer service through our staff mentoring program (GEM – Going the Extra Mile). Ensuring the staff is conducting a behavior that conducive to the “Best in Class Service” model.

Provide a wide variety of foods our customers relate too for the bistro experience through our value-chain management. Leveraging our expertise in procurement efficiencies to provide cost benefits to the selection of the highest of quality of products for our patrons. Capabilities to adapt to the market trends in healthy meals, by monitoring and measuring the varieties of products offered through a supply-management network of vendors and feed-back surveys from our loyal customer base. Freshest entrees and side dishes prepared daily by our Chef that possesses a professional palette for European cuisine. Sales Literature

The menus and other coupons will be distributed with the purchase of the meal and also located through out the market, to aid in selection of meal choices. Legal Organization The LLC, Limited Liability Company, is a type of hybrid business structure that is designed to provide the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership. A popular choice for sole proprietors who are looking to incorporate simply to protect personal assets or secure additional loans, the LLC is thought to be one of the easiest and least expensive forms of ownership to organize.

Reasons for forming an LLC •Owners of an LLC have limited liability for business debts. •For tax purposes, the allocation of profit and loss of an LLC need not be proportional to ownership interests. •With an LLC, there is no double taxation threat since the LLC is not a separate taxable entity. •You do not need to be a US citizen to own or invest in an LLC. Credibility of the Management Team Richie Nash An undergraduate from DeVry University in Technical Management and has over 17 years experience in software and hardware implementation and integration for customer provided solutions.

He has been heavily involved in consultative selling of business Service Catalogs for Yum Brands and I2 Technology in value-chain management. This will provide a great resource for managing and maintaining the POS (point of sales) as well as server and wireless net work. Richie is a very motivated and enthusiastic leader who helps to ensure that tasks are accomplished by utilizing his OJT Project Management knowledge. His sales background will contribute to building and maintaining vendor relationships. Fernando Cedillo

An undergraduate from DeVry University in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations and has 20 years experience in the Manufacturing and Operations Industry thus providing an individual whose strengths include cost analysis and inventory control, managing and training direct employees, creating and documenting SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for training of employees, as well as creating and documenting safety policies and procedures. He has also a proven track record of reducing operating cost by a total of a million dollars over the past 10 years, which will play a key role in this business venture.

He has also provided Human Resources support as well as documentation and termination of employees. In addition he has 4 years experience working as a waiter and prep cook for several restaurants prior to his degree. Priscilla Mcguire An undergraduate from DeVry University in Business Administration who has experience in accounting as well as personal restaurant management experience. She was involved in the startup of and managed a successful restaurant in Midland TX. She will also provide direct interaction with the customers on their dining and has access to consultants with over 60 years of restaurant management experience.

She provides the knowledge and consulting guidance to focus on the success of the Bistro. Anyonna Turner An undergraduate from DeVry University, obtained a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. She will provide support to the financial reporting system. Anyonna is a knowledgeable manager and is task oriented person with exceptional interpersonal skills, leveraging these traits will come useful in manage the day to day operation of the Enclave Bistro. Natalia Saibel

Graduated from University of North Texas majoring in business administration with finance concentration will provide financial, administrative and social connection to ensure the Bistro in servicing the customers in a manner to create loyalty. She also has demonstrated her skills to mediate with others and create harmony with in organization. Employee policies Recruitment The recruitment plan will include posting position advertisement in store window, newspaper, and website. Hiring Applicants must submit an application for employment.

The Enclave Bistro may require a resume and or letters of recommendation depending on the position for which the applicant is requesting. The Enclave Bistro management team will review all completed applications and select the most qualified candidate for the interview. The interview process will include an interview with the hiring manager and if selected a conditional offer of employment will be extended if the applicant accepts the offer – the candidate must acknowledge companies polices in writing and pass all necessary drug, background, employment and reference verification before completing the employment process.

Key Employees The manager coordinates activities among various departments, such as kitchen, dining room, and banquet operations, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their dining experience. The manager oversees inventory and ordering of food, equipment, and supplies and arranges for the routine maintenance and upkeep of the restaurant’s equipment and facilities. Managers are responsible for administrative and human-resource functions of the business, including interviewing, hiring, training, and when necessary, termination of employees.

Managers make work schedules to cover each shift and usually perform various administrative assignments such as keeping employee records, preparing the payroll, and completing paperwork to comply with licensing laws and taxes, wages and hours, unemployment compensation, and Social Security laws in addition to maintaining account payables for supplies and equipment purchases. Some managers may help with cooking, clearing tables, or other tasks when the restaurant becomes extremely busy.

These responsibilities are not limited to the operational side of the business but also include monitoring and maintaining government health standards and regulations. Manager will tally all daily earnings; prepare bank deposits, and finally secure the facility for closing nightly. A manager should be able to remain calm, flexible, and able to work through emergencies, such as a fire or flood, to ensure everyone’s safety. When problems occur, managers should resolve issues with minimal disruption to customers; the job can be difficult, and dealing with irate customers or uncooperative employees can be stressful.

A manager must also be able to render first aid for minor injuries such as cuts, muscle aches, or burns. The Line Cook should hold a certificate from the American Culinary Federation although certification is not required, if they hold sufficient job experience. Line cooks must be efficient, quick, and work well as part of a team. A Line Cook also needs creativity and a keen sense of taste and smell as well as maintain personal cleanliness because States require health certificates indicating the worker is free from communicable diseases.

The line cook maintains control of the kitchen and control menus and portion control to ensure cost effectiveness of each meal. The line cook estimates food needed, places orders with distributors, and schedules the delivery of fresh food and supplies. They also schedule and plan for routine services or deliveries, such as linen services or the heavy cleaning of dining rooms or kitchen equipment. Line Cooks also arrange for equipment maintenance and repairs, and coordinate a variety of services such as waste removal and pest control; they also receive deliveries and check the contents against order records.

They control the quality of fresh meats, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, and baked goods to ensure freshness; in addition they deal with representatives from restaurant supply companies and place orders to restock tableware, linens, paper products, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and furniture and fixtures. In addition they will ensure that all meals are well prepared in regards to quality, consistency, appearance, taste and cost.

In addition to maximizing the customer’s satisfaction he/she must communicate all issues and concerns to the manager, as well as control all phases of loss prevention in the kitchen, ensure compliance to SOP and requisition procedures, know and enforce all local and federal health regulations by reviewing all food stations prior and post food preparation. Servers must be willing to attend to all customers in the following manner but are not limited to: food and beverage request in courteous and professional demeanor will deliver and clear food from the table and assist in maintaining a safety and clean environment.

The dishwasher will be responsible but not limited to busing table, mopping floors, removing trash, and ensuring overall safety of the facility. (US Dept. of Labor and Statistics, OOH 2008-09) Salary and wage policies Salary and wages will be reviewed annually on January and evaluated based on individual performance and success of the bistro. Starting salaries will be set according to the experience and expertise the individual brings to the Enclave Bistro, at a rate competitive to the market. All employees will be paid at an hourly rate, with full-time employees receiving the option for benefits.

Training and development Training will be developed and deployed through SOP and on the job training. Employees will be required to attend a post hire orientation lasting 2-3 days. The orientation will familiarize employees with code of conduct expectations, menu offerings and communicate the employee incentive programs. Continuous training will be provided to wait staff on a semi-monthly basis. After the orientation period has been completed, each employee will be provided their assigned duties and work under a provisionary basis. Customer Satisfaction

The Enclave Bistro guarantees to provide “best in class” service to its customers by hiring experienced and customer friendly team members. Customer survey results will be compiled through the use of customer comment cards. All wait staff will be provided with comment cards to give to customers along with the bill. A toll-free customer survey line will be considered after first year of operation. Customer comment card samples will be included in the Appendix. In order to generate new customers, The Enclave Bistro website is located at www. enclavebistro. com.

The site provides hours of operation, address, map, menu and customer comment card. The Enclave will build relationships with local businesses by offering a link or ad giving site visitors the ability to view offerings of local businesses. In addition, the website will provide a Local Events section to inform potential customers of the local events happening in the local area. Vendor Relationship Building a strategic alliance among various vendors will be critical to the operational success of the Enclave Bistro. Bids were submitted to choose vendors for supplies, food, condiments, and beverages. Sysco Foods, Ben E.

Keith Foods, US Foods, Western Beverage and The Coca Cola Company will be among the food vendors the Enclave will partner with to obtain high quality ingredients, competitive pricing, inventory maintenance and control. A listing of vendors and contacts can be viewed in the Appendix. An agreement will be established with each vendor in order to submit orders and plan for weekly delivery times. Inventory control will be maintained by using a point of sale system coupled with clear communication with vendor representatives. As alternate to using the mentioned vendors there might be times when Sam’s or Costco Business Account will be utilized.

Risk Analysis Insurance is a key element to starting and running a successful business. It is necessary to protect the assets, employees, and equity associated with a company. The Enclave Bistro will utilize the following types of insurance: health insurance, worker’s compensation, and business interruption. Health insurance will be provided by Humana healthcare and is necessary to maintain the physical condition of our full-time staff. It also is a key benefit used to attract quality staff. A business interruption can occur at any moment in time, the Enclave Bistro intends to be fully prepared in the event of disaster.

In the event that the company is incapable of operating for a period of time, it will be covered with the proper insurance policy provided by State Farm. Many policies include services that tie into others areas that would account for liability and/or theft. Loss or Incapacitation of Key People In the event a member of the Enclave Bistro origination team losses their life or is no longer able to contribute to the operation needs of the business, there are a couple of options the remaining members will consider. The spouse or close relative of the individual will be given consideration to takeover the duties once held by our lost member.

In turn, this individual will inherit partial ownership. Another option would be to buyout to loss individual. The final option would be to locate a new investor who would be wiling to invest capital to an existing start-up company. All options will be explored, reviewed, and approved through legal counsel. Financial and Operational Controls Initial finances were invested by key members: Fernando, Priscilla, Richie, Natalia, and Anyonna. This capital will be used for the start-up and operating costs to get the Enclave Bistro into operation.

Additional capital, which will be obtained through a commercial institution, will be necessary to maintain business costs. These funds will be used towards the start-up of the Enclave Bistro. In the beginning, a lease will be obtained for the building at: Allegro Addison Circle, 15800 Spectrum Drive, Addison, Texas 75001. Once acquired, approximately $300K will be used towards renovations, equipment, and initial inventory purchases. Additional funding will be required from a financial institution as a backup to maintain in the start-up of the Enclave Bistro.

The lender, lease, and monthly expenses will be paid through the sales generated by daily operations. Expense Budget As stated in previous section, the building will be obtained through a lease. In order to open business, costs will go towards the renovation and remodeling on this building. Start-up expenses are illustrated below. Several of the expenses occur on a monthly basis with others being just initial costs to opening the bistro. Startup Expenses Buildings/real estate 2,500 Leasehold improvements 12,000 Capital equipment 200,000 Location/administration expenses 44,464

Opening inventory 16,107 Advertising/promotional expenses 5,250 Other expenses 2,000 Contingency fund 10,000 Total Startup Expenses $ 292,321 Exit Strategy: Sale of the firm In order to sell Enclave Bistro, first we need to value the restaurant. Correctly valuing a restaurant business is often the most challenging part of the process. We think that using income approach will be the best choice for us because we will be able determines the fair market value of our business by looking at the revenue stream and multiplying this against a growth rate.

We will be using the “discounted cash flow” method because we will be using projected cash flows and not historical ones(9) Free Cash Flow = $166,983. 65 Value of the Enclave Bistro = FCF (1+. 0675)/ (. 20-. 05) = 166,983. 65(1. 0675)/ (. 20 – . 05) = $1,188,362. 35. Therefore, we can conclude that at the end of 5 years Enclave Bistro will be worth $1,188,362. 35. Loan We are planning to borrow $300,000 loan for 5 years. Based on calculation, our $300,000 loan has a payment of $6,227. 51 per month for 60 months. If we make all of our payments on this loan, and do not prepay any of the principal, the total interest for this loan is $73,650. 4. (Amortization schedule is included in Appendix)(9). Loan summary Monthly payment$6,227. 51 Loan amount$300,000 Interest rate9. 000% Term60 months Total of payments$373,650. 34 Total interest paid$73,650. 34 •Research on operations: •Competition Our main competitors are Stern’s Catering, Cafe Costa at Marriot Quorum Hotel, Side walk Cafe, and Astoria Cafe. Salaries: Salaries that our competitors pay on average: General Manager salary is $43,000 a year, Line cook’s salary is about $24,000, Server’s salary is $18,000 a year, Dishwasher’s salary $17,000 a year. (Information provided by Indeed. om/salarysrearch/)(7) Benefits Most restaurants provide several benefits, such as, flexible schedule, dinning discounts, great earning potential, ongoing training and development, opportunity to coach, and fun work environment. Practices: According to the National Restaurant Association based statistics, the best pricing are based on revenue of 77% from food sales and 22% from beverage sales. The owners are estimating the cost of food at 36% and the cost beverages at 25%. Pricing follows a full-cost strategy that reflects the establishment’s actual costs.

The following formula will determine menu pricing: Menu Price = Cost of Food divided by Food Cost Percentage Food: $11. 72 (menu price) = $4. 22 (cost of food) / . 36 (food cost percentage) Beverage: $6. 00 (menu price) = $1. 50 (cost of beverage) / . 25 (beverage cost percentage)(3) Industry Practices: Legal organization- Most of our competitors choose to use Limited Liability Company as a legal organization because LLC gives owners not only the tax advantages, but also it gives management flexibility protection of an organization.

With LLC company avoids “double taxation” because the Income of the LLC itself is not taxed at the company level. Instead, taxes on profits and deductions of losses are computed at the individual level of the personal tax return of each LLC members. In addition to that, forming the LLC in Texas gives owners additional advantages. For example, Business owners can separate and protect their personal assets from the debt and obligations of their business. Complete package for LLC formation in Texas cost $724. (4) Vender availability- Majority of the restaurants is using The SYSCO Corporation as vender supplier.

SYSCO is known as the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers that prepare meals away from home. Its family of products also includes equipment and supplies for the foodservice and hospitality industries. Financian Plan: Pro-Forma Financials: We mainly want to finance our growth through Cash Flow, even though we understand that this means that we will have to grow more slowly than we might like. Number one important indicator in our case is inventory turnover.

Because there is a high risk of loss through food spoilage, we will have to make sure that food inventory turnover stays at approximately four to five turns per month. We want our average collection days not exceed 30 days under any circumstances because this might cause a serious problem with cash flow. We must target a net profit at least of 11%, and also, we want to hold marketing cost at no more that 5% of gross sale. (1) Important Assumptions The financial plan depends on important assumptions: 1. We assume that slow-growth economy will continue, but we exclude any major recession in next five years. 2.

We assume that access to equity capital and financing is adequate to continue maintain our financing plan as shown in the tables 3. We also suppose that there will be no change in technology, so we will not have to buy new equipment. (1) GENERAL ASSUMPTIONS FY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 PLAN MONTH 12345 CURRENT INTEREST RATES 9. 00%9. 00%9. 00%9. 00%9. 00% GROWTH RATE 6. 75%6. 75%6. 75%6. 75%6. 75% TAX RATES 25%25%25%25%25% OTHER 00000 Cash Flow Statement: We are expecting to manage cash flow over the next five years without new investment. Our Free Cash Flow is going to be for the second year $ 166,983. 65, third year $157,201. 8, fourth $138,467. 90, and for the last year $118,819. 54. Therefore, we can conclude that Enclave Bistro will be able to maintain sufficient cash through out five years. Enclave Bistro PROJECTED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOW Pro Forma Cash Flow For the years ended May 31,FY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 Cash Received Beginning Balance$ 800,000$ 767,651$ 889,980$ 1,010,698$ 1,167,786 Cash flows from operating activities Cash Sales PLUS Sales tax$ 977,434$ 1,045,582$ 1,063,252$ 1,142,182$ 1,219,280 Cash Available$ 1,777,434$ 1,813,233$ 1,953,232$ 2,152,880$ 2,387,066

ExpendituresFY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 Expenditures from Operations Cash Spendingpayroll$ 182,000$ 187,460$ 193,084$ 198,876$ 204,843 Equipment purchase$ 197,200$ -$ -$ -$ – Bill PaymentsOper. Exp$ 555,853$ 586,571$ 595,034$ 630,454$ 665,428 Subtotal Spent on Operations$ 935,053$ 774,031$ 788,118$ 829,331$ 870,270 Additional Cash Spent

Sales Tax, VAN, HST/GST Paid Out$ -$ 74,493$ 79,686$ 81,033$ 87,049 Principal Repayment of borrowing$ 49,749$ 54,416$ 59,520$ 65,104$ 71,211 Other Liabilities Principal Repayment$ -$ -$ -$ -$ – Long-term Liabilities interest Repayment$ 24,981$ 20,314$ 15,210$ 9,626$ 3,519 Purchase Other current Assets$ -$ -$ -$ -$ – Purchase Long-term Assets$ -$ -$ -$ -$ – Dividends$ -$ -$ -$ – Total Cash Spend$ 1,009,783$ 923,254$ 942,534$ 985,094$ 1,032,049

Net Cash Flow$ 767,651$ 889,980$ 1,010,698$ 1,167,786$ 1,355,017 Other Borrowing$ -$ -$ -$ -$ – Ending Cash Flow Balance$ 767,651$ 889,980$ 1,010,698$ 1,167,786$ 1,355,017 Our income statement shows that Enclave Bistro will continue its growth in profitability over the five years. Enclave Bistro PROJECTED STATEMENTS OF INCOME For the years Ended May 31,FY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 Sales$ 902,941$965,896$982,219$1,055,134$1,126,355 Direct cost of sales$ 329,310$ 352,270$ 358,224$384,816. 21$410,791. 0 other$ -$ -$ -0 Total cost of goods sold$ 329,310$ 352,270$ 358,224$384,816. 21$410,791. 30 Gross Margin$ 573,631$ 613,625$ 623,996$670,318$715,564 Gross Margin %63. 53%63. 53%63. 53%63. 53%63. 53% Expenses Payroll$182,000. 00$187,460. 00$193,083. 80$ 198,876. 31$ 204,842. 60 Sales and Marketing and Other expenses$ 61,200. 00$ 63,036. 00$ 64,927. 08$ 66,874. 89$ 68,881. 14 Depreciation$ 39,440. 00$ 39,440. 00$ 39,440. 00$ 39,440. 00$ 39,440. 00 Merchant fees (3% of 70% sales)$ 18,961. 77$20,283. 81$ 20,626. 61$ 22,157. 81$ 23,653. 46 Rent$ 30,000. 00$ 30,000. 0$ 30,000. 00$ 30,000. 00$ 30,000. 00 Utilities$ 33,503. 27$ 35,739. 93$ 38,125. 92$ 40,671. 19$ 43,386. 38 Insurance/Legal LLC$ 27,649. 77$ 28,479. 26$ 29,333. 64$ 30,213. 65$ 31,120. 06 Payroll Taxes$ 17,511. 00$ 17,928. 69$ 15,550. 91$ 15,994. 04$ 16,450. 46 Personal Property Taxes (around 3%)$ 4,732. 80$ 3,549. 60$ 2,366. 40$ 1,183. 20$ – Texas Franchise Taxes5. 75%$ 32,983. 78$ 35,283. 46$ 35,879. 75$ 38,543. 27$ 41,144. 94 Total Operating Expenses$447,982. 38$461,200. 75$469,334. 10$ 483,954. 36$ 498,919. 04 Profit Before Interest$125,648. 61$152,424. 66$154,661. 58$ 186,363. 3$ 216,645. 09 Interest expenses$ 24,981. 07$ 20,314. 27$ 15,209. 69$ 9,626. 27$ 3,519. 09 Net Profit$100,667. 54$132,110. 39$139,451. 89$ 176,737. 06$ 213,126. 01 Net Profit/Sales11. 15%13. 68%14. 20%16. 75%18. 92% The Balance Sheet below will present numbers that are very significant to the financial well-being of the Enclave Bistro. Enclave Bistro PROJECTED BALANCE SHEETS May 31,FY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 Assets Current Assets Cash$767,651. 19$ 889,979. 51$ 1,010,697. 72$ 1,167,786. 42$ 1,355,017. 21 Inventory Total Current Assets$767,651. 19$ 889,979. 51$ 1,010,697. 72$ 1,167,786. 42$ 1,355,017. 21

Long-term Assets Equipment197,200197,200197,200197,200197,200 Accumulated Depreciation$ 39,440. 00$ 78,880. 00$ 118,320. 00$ 157,760. 00$ 197,200. 00 Total Long-term Assets$ 157,760. 00$ 118,320. 00$ 78,880. 00$ 39,440. 00$ – Total Assets$925,411. 19$ 1,008,299. 51$ 1,089,577. 72$ 1,207,226. 42$ 1,355,017. 21 Liabilities and CapitalFY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 Current Liabilities Sales Tax Payable0. 082574,492. 6679,686. 4081,033. 1087,048. 5592,924. 32 Subtotal Current Liabilities$ 74,492. 66$ 79,686. 40$ 81,033. 10$ 87,048. 55$ 92,924. 2 Long -term Liabilities Bank loan ending balance$250,250. 99$ 195,835. 19$ 136,314. 80$ 71,210. 99$ – Total Liabilities$324,743. 65$ 275,521. 58$ 217,347. 90$ 158,259. 54$ 92,924. 32 Original members’ investment$500,000. 00$ 500,000. 00$ 500,000. 00$ 500,000. 00$ 500,000. 00 Retained Earnings$ -$ 100,667. 54$ 232,777. 93$ 372,229. 82$ 548,966. 88 Earnings$100,667. 54$ 132,110. 39$ 139,451. 89$176,737. 06$213,126. 01 Total Capital$600,667. 54$ 732,777. 93$ 872,229. 82$ 1,048,966. 88$ 1,262,092. 9 Total Liabilities and Capital$925,411. 19$ 1,008,299. 51$ 1,089,577. 72$ 1,207,226. 42$ 1,355,017. 21 $ -$ -$ -$ -$ – Net Worth$ 600,667. 54$ 732,777. 93$ 872,229. 82$ 1,048,966. 88$ 1,262,092. 89 Enclave Bistro STATEMENTS OF RETAINED EARNINGS For the years ended May 31,FY2009FY2010FY2011FY2012FY2013 Retained Earnings, beginning of period$ -$ 100,667. 54$ 232,777. 93$ 372,229. 82$ 548,966. 88 Add: Net Income$100,667. 54$ 132,110. 39$ 139,451. 89$ 176,737. 06$ 213,126. 01 Deduct: Dividends0

Retained Earnings, end of period$100,667. 54$ 232,777. 93$ 372,229. 82$ 548,966. 88$ 762,092. 89 Capital Structure and Financing Mix Legal form of organization Limited Liability Company was chosen since it happens to be one of the fastest growing forms of business ownership that has advantages from many points of view. Use of the LLC does not restrict the members’ ability to be involved with managing day to day activities. Double taxation is avoided, income tax does not have to be paid, and its income flows through to its members. In this instance, it becomes the members’ responsibility to pay income taxes. Initial financing and additional funds needed

Initially, the members contributed $100K each of their personal savings, friends, and family. An additional $300K is needed to grow the company to its potential. A bank loan will be the source of fixed capital needed to complete operational purchases. This bank loan will also be considered a debt until paid back. Within a 5-year plan, the debt created will be erased. Financial Analysis The following cost control will be required to maintain the projected rate of return: Portion controls must be maintained as follows to minimize inventory cost: Breakfast at 25% of sales value Espresso and coffee drinks at 25$ of sales value Lunches at 36% of sales value Dinners at 36% of sales value

Other beverages at 25% of sales value In addition spoilage must be maintained below 10% of the inventory value or $3,500 per month. As well as a volume of 198 customers per day with an average sale of $10. 50 per customer and a growth rate of . 006%; well allow the projected rate of return to be the following: 1st Quarter: 10%; 2nd Quarter: 13%; 3rd Quarter: 16%; 4th Quarter: 18%; 2nd Year: 67%; 3rd Year: 71%; 4th Year: 70% Important Ratios: Free Cash Flow is $ 166, 983. 65 Us we can see current ratio for Enclave Bistro is much higher than industries, which means that for every dollar of current liabilities, Enclave Bistro has $14. 58 of current assets.

In addition to that gross profit rate is higher by almost 3%, which indicates a company’s ability to maintain an adequate selling price above its cost of goods sold. Also, based on ratios comparison Enclave Bistro has a high level of liquidity. (8) Ratios: Enclave BistroIndustry Current Ratio 14. 581. 7 Total Liability Net Worth 0. 542. 84 Current Liability Net Worth 0. 120. 83 Quick Ratio10. 31. 11 Efficiency -Debt Risk1. 020. 2 Gross Profit63. 560. 15 Net Working Capital: Sales0. 770. 03 Cash Turnover0. 8523. 11 Working Capital Turnover1. 332. 78 Break Even point: Total Fixed Costs/100 %-( Variable Costs/sales) OUR BREAK EVEN POINT IN SALES FOR THE YEARS ENDED MAY 31, WILL BE:

FY2009: $705,160. 26; FY2010: $725,967. 04; FY2011: $738,769. 59; FY2012: $761,763. 04; FY2013: $785,338. 66 Financial Research Industry Overview The small business restaurant industry includes about 200,000 restaurants with combined annual revenue of $120 billion and Coffee shops 20,000 restaurants with a combined of 11 billion in revenue. Major companies include Pan Era Bread, La Madeline, Corner Bakery, Jason Deli, Starbucks, Seattle Best and Caribou Coffee. The industry is highly fragmented: the top 50 companies hold about 25 percent of the industry sales. Competitive Landscape Demographics and personal income drive demand. The profitability of ndividual companies depends on efficient operations, effective marketing and the ability to provide fast, but tailored service experiences. Large companies have advantages in bulk purchasing power, available lines of financing and expansive marketing budgets. Small companies can compete by offering unique products and serving a local segment of the market. The industry is highly labor-intensive: average annual revenue per worker is just under $40,000. Fast-casual restaurants have to compete with companies that offer meals or prepared foods, including supermarket; delis, convenience stores, snack shops (donut or bagel shops). Must focus on customer convenience and locate the business in high traffic areas for population and walking patterns.

Such as in downtown locations, suburban retail centers, office buildings and university campuses. Need to tailor store environment to customer environment to develop customer loyalty. Economics Industry note on square feet: Average Subway is 1,200 square feet and typical seats about 35 and a Wendy ranges between 2,000 and 3,000 square feet and seats about 90 people. Coffeehouse range for 200 to 3,000 square feet with average store around 1,200 square feet. Typical fast food restaurant generates $670,000 annually and a franchise can generate $1 to $2 million annually. Challenges procuring raw products as differentiator through Supply-chain management in a cost effective manner.

Must be able to control inventory prices due to the fluctuation in retail prices. Cited References BizStats, Industry Financial Profile, Financial Ratios, Retrieved on June 6th, 2009 http://www. bizstats. com/reports/corp. asp? industry=Food+services+and+drinking+places Coffeehouse Sample business Plan, Retrieved on April 16, 2009 http://www. bplans. com/coffeehouse_business_plan Dinkytown. net. Business Valuation, Retrieved on May 17, 2009 http://www. dinkytown. net/java/BusinessValuation. html Ghena, Downtown Economics, p. 1 Hoover’s for Industry Data on May 1, 2009 http://premium. hoovers. com. proxy. devry. edu/subscribe/ind/factsheet. xhtml? HICID=1442 Inddeed. om, Salary for Addison, Retrieved on May 26, 2009 http://www. Indeed. com/salarysrearch Insurance Quotes, Retrieved on May 1, 2009 https://www. 2insure4less. com/indexb. asp Internal Revenue Service, Retrieved on May 5, 2009 http://www. irs. gov/ LLC Benefits, Retrieved on May 23, 2009 http://www. llc. com/LLCBenefits. html Mintel Research Group on May 25, 2009 http://www. smellingthecoffee. com/2006/03/coffee_shop_growth_still_going. html National Restaurant Association, Retrieved on May 22, 2009 http://www. nationalrestaurantassociation. com/aboutus/faqs. cfm Occupational Handbook 2008-2009, Retrieved on May 8, 2009 http://www. bls. gov/OCO/

POS Direct, Retrieved on May 12, 2009 http://www. posdirect. com/rmsverticalbundle. php Restaurant menu pricing, Retrieved on May 29, 2009 http://www. sampleplan. com/articles/restaurant-menue-pricing-and-profitability. html Restaurant. org, Frequently Asked Questions, Retrieved on May 22, 2009 http://www. restaurant. org/research State of Texas Sales and use Tax, Retrieved on June 7, 2009 http://www. window. state. tx. us/taxinfo/sales/index. html Tobacco Alcoholic Beverage Commission http://www. tabc. state. tx. us/ Town of Addison, AddisonTexas. net,2009 on June 5, 2009 http://AddisonTexas. net/ United States of Labor, Retrieved on May 25, 2009 http://www. osha. gov/

United States Plastic Corporation, Retrieved on June 5, 2009 http://www. usplastic. com/catalog/category. asp? catalog_name=USPlastic&Category_Name=13968&Page=1&clickid=leftnav Valiant Equipment, Retrieved on May 10, 2009 http://store. valiantequipment. com/t72. html Valpak Advertising, Retrieved on May 8, 2009 http://www. valpak. com/advertise/index. jsp? ctd_ac=1519052&ctd_co=8005138492&ctx_name=gsm1 Appendix Competitors List The Stern’s Catering is located at 4817 Keller Springs Road, which provides catering services. There hours of operation are Sunday thru Thursday 5am to 10pm and Friday thru Saturday 5am to 1230am and pricing is up to $10 per plate.

The Side Walk Cafe is located at 5030 Addison Circle, which provides catering, coffee, tea, smoothies, deli/subs, eclectic, fast foods, Mediterranean, and continental breakfast. Their hours of operation are Monday thru Sunday 7am to 10pm with prices up to $10. The Cafe Costa at the Marriott Quorum Hotel locates at 14901 Dallas Parkway providing Continental breakfast. Their hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 6:30am to 2pm, Saturday thru Sunday 7am to 2pm and Monday thru Sunday 5pm to 10pm with prices ranging up to $25. The Intercontinental Dallas Monte Carlos Restaurant located 15201 Dallas Parkway offering French Continental meals during the hours of 6am to 2:30pm Monday thru Sunday and 5pm to 9:30pm Monday thru Sunday with prices ranging up to $25.

The Astoria Cafe located at 15701 Quorum Drive offering coffee, tea and deli/subs from the hours of 7am to 12 am Sunday thru Wednesday and Thursday thru Saturday 7am to 2pm with prices ranging up to $10. The Greenz Salads for Z’adventurous located at 15615 Quorum Drive offering catering and deli/subs from the hours of 11am to 9pm Monday thru Saturday with prices ranging up to $10. The Donut Palace is located at 16601 Addison Road offering donuts and breakfast from the hours of 5am to 12pm Monday thru Saturday with prices ranging up to $10. The Town Cafe located at 16601 Addison Road offering fast-food and breakfast from 6am to 2 pm Monday thru Friday with prices ranging up to $10. Floor Plan Location Map

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