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Write the answers of the questions of this assignment in your own legible handwriting. 2. No assignment will be accepted if it is in the form of typed print out. 3. Answers of each student should be in their own perspectives or in their own experiences of marketing arena. 4. Q. No. 1 ,2 &3 are compulsory and solve any one from the remaining questions. Deadline for submission- 9 March 2014 Marks-1 5 (Fifteen) Q. L . What is business ethics ? Describe its nature. Is business ethics a necessity ? What are the major ethical issues that business faces today?

Discuss them with suitable examples. Q. 2 . What do mean by Gandhi Philosophy of Wealth Management ? Do you think that Gandhi philosophy is worthwhile in today’s Business Environment. Critically explain with suitable examples. Q. 3. Do you think that Corporation Excellence is based on Ethical Business Behavior ? Critically explain Witt suitable examples in present scenario. Q. 4. OSHA, an executive in a firm of market research consultants, is assigned a massive postal market research of 30,000 respondents. The client has been assured of a thorough job.

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Her boss Ram Saxons tells her this can e done only if she personally cross-checks with the respondents. This would require the names and addresses of the respondents to be recorded on the response sheets. But the client has said that as the product is for personal use, the respondents should be informed that their names would not be recorded. Saxons suggests that the names should be recorded in ultraviolet ink and decoded at the office. OSHA is told that if the project goes through, both she and Ram would get a promotion. Should OSHA agree to this? Q. 5. Gait garment Exports had a flourishing business exporting garments to the

CICS. Suddenly, the US administration banned the imports because they found that the garments, made of synthetic material, could cause dermatitis, a skin disease. Faced with this debacle, Gait Exports explored other markets and found that several African countries may like to import this product. The profits would be lower but the company would avert financial disaster. Should they export to Africa without confirming that there would be no risk of dermatitis? Q. 6. New Wave Publishers claimed that they were a most ethical company which propagated free speech and expression of views.

They were excited by a script titled ‘ kinsman’ received from Mast Sings It was a full-blown account of an old palm -leaf rendition of the story of the Ramadan in which Ram and Sits were brother and sister, and their relationship incestuous. The publishers felt that this had tremendous potential in the West which was looking for new variants of ‘scholarly pornography. Mast Sings was a widely read writer whose writings thrived on the thrill of new twists to Old stories.

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