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A Prescription to Do the Right Thing Stewart Muskiness, Huffing Post, 03/04/14 C.V. Stops Sales of Tobacco Products: Is This a Business or Ethical Decision? The year 2014 has been a very interesting time for the healthcare marketplace. Corporations who typically provide one type of healthcare product or service have stepped into new markets and have begun to redefine themselves to their customers. C.V. Health is one of them.

On September 2, 2014 C.V. Carmaker announced that it will no longer sell tobacco or tobacco products in their stores. They are positioning themselves to expand their business beyond retail pharmaceuticals and prescription benefit management services to walk-in medical clinics. Their leadership felt that it was “the right thing to dc’ to remove tobacco from their shelves. This decision equates to a loss of 2 billion dollars in sales. This decision prompts one to ask the question, “Why? ‘ Is this a corporate social responsibility stance or a position to win new business as a purveyor of health care services?

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In the newarticle14 by Bruce Japans, the author describes CSV’s Coo’s interview with Forbes Magazine where he notes that the loss of sales from tobacco products will “cycle through the next 12 months” and the choice to stop selling tobacco Is Just “one of those Intangibles” that will sway public opinion in favor of C.V. pharmaceuticals and Its walk-Len medical clinics. Corporate social responsibility Is not even mentioned However, In Stewart Numskull’s newarticle14, he starts by saying that “doing the right thing” Is not commonly part of a business plan. He applauds C.V. for stepping out from the pack and

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