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Description Bulletin boards are either stationary or portable (the latter being handy as room dividers). Most are faced with cork, facilitating the attachment of display items. They are often utilized for longer (more than a few days) display of concepts being emphasized in class. Advantages or Special Purposes 1 . Bulletin boards can be used to stimulate learner interest in specified topics of study. 2.

Learners can be motivated in an area of study by having them participate in constructing a bulletin board display. 3. As austere in decor as many classrooms are, bulletin boards provide an opportunity for increasing environmental attractiveness through colorful and eye- pleasing displays. 4. When only one copy off map, newspaper clippings, or a chart is available, bulletin board placement allows a number of learners to study it at the same time. 5. Group projects or reports can be displayed effectively. Individual learner interests, hobbies, photographs, etc. Can be exhibited. Disadvantages or Limitations 1. Bulletin boards can be an excellent source of sharp objects for posterior impalement. 2. Good bulletin board preparation takes planning and time. 3. A poorly done bulletin board can be very unattractive and even distracting. 4. If the board is used to display only excellent students’ excellent works, it acts as a constant reminder to the less able learner of his/her shortcomings. Application .

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Planning is essential for successful bulletin boards. A) Know what idea or concept you wish to impart. B) Plan the display by first making a sketch and list of materials needed. C) Involve learners by assigning various responsibilities, including acquiring and shaping materials and actual construction of the display. D) Be creative in use of materials, colors and textures. 2. Make learner involvement an enjoyable learning experience rather than an “assignment. ” Bulletin Board By Reinterpretation

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