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Organized crime has many relationships that go along with the group. For the sake of the assignment, I will be discussing the organized crime of biker gangs or rather “clubs”. There are many different relationships dealing with biker gangs, both in and out of the gang. Many people see them as a nuisance, while others see them as kind of a group of Robin Hoods. Many problems that arise with biker gangs are various with them being anywhere from murder, theft, vandalism, drugs and minor traffic violations. The Hells Angels are one of the largest and most feared biker clubs.

They are hard and will do anything to get their way. They tend to go after their enemies families to get to their enemy. They will threaten whoever is in their way of what they want and will not stop just because their actions are immoral or may get them thrown in jail or prison. They tend to go after other biker gangs in order to take them over. They go after smaller clubs because they are able to break them down and are able to take them over into their gang. The Mongols are one group that are heavy rivals of the Hells Angels and they make sure to go after any Hells Angel that they can get to.

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Unlike the Hells Angels they have some morals. They know that when a woman is taken by another member they leave her be and protect her. The Hells Angels does not see it that way. They will take any woman that is in the group in less it is the President or Vice President’s wife. This is where relationships come in. The difference in the organized crime within their gang varies. The Mongols with handle their own with their own punishment, but does not always mean death of that member of the gang. The Hells Angels has a way of handling their own if they do wrong.

They are all about repercussion even on their own. When it comes to relationships with the law, no matter the gang, there are usually law enforcement officers that are in with the gangs. They are able to give the gangs information dealing with any operations that are setup regarding them. These officers also will help cover up the any wrong doings of the gangs in order to keep them out of jail or prison. Some of the officers do things for the gangs on their own while others may be threaten to help the gangs out. These law enforcement officers have been known to go up into the FBI and or even the CIA offices.

The gangs try to get whomever they can to keep them out of trouble with the law. Some limitations that are dealt with in combating organized crime a. k. a. biker gangs is that many times once the law officials make an arrest there is usually someone right there to take the place of the individual that was apprehended, which makes it a never ending battle of ending the organized crime. There is also the fact of the public, people enjoy having drama and action around them. Even though they know that it is wrong to buy drugs, illegal guns, or support prostitution it will still take place.

This also limits the ongoing fight with the organized crime. These gangs offer all that the public wants; drugs, illegal products, action, women and most all acceptance if they are “lucky” enough to become a member. If there are still people out there that want the acceptance then there will still be organized crime. There will still be the groups of people that want to be a part of something big, even if that means going to jail or prison for it in the long run. Biker gangs is a difficult one to try to have control over. It is hard to state what would be a realistic idea of how to control the organized crime of these individuals.

There is always the old fashion way of making an example out of members that are caught but those would just become heroes in the eyes of their fellow members. There is the way of bribery but that does not always work as if other members find out about such a thing then they are now the ones that will be made an example of, i. e. death or beaten. In many ways there is no effective way to control any organized crime. It is a never ending. There are ways to take control to limit it for awhile but there is not a way to control it for good.

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