Criminal Justice Assignment

Criminal Justice Assignment Words: 237

Provision of opportunities as one of the core strategies addresses one of the ajar causes of crime according to the strain theory. Community manipulation together with social change and development also fill the opportunity void that give rise to delinquency. Social strain theory proposed by Morton best addresses the core strategies adopted by the National Gang Center. Question two Inaccurate information from the media on the identification of gangs is often erroneous and not to be relied on.

Criminal behavior varies from place to place, and the generalities provided by the media are misguiding. The most dependable source of information on gang activities in the community is the local law enforcement agencies. Gang activities usually criminal in nature and, therefore, the police officers would provide the most reliable information. The stereotypes presented by the media should be ignored (NC, 2014). They sometimes provide a crucial link, but most of the times they vilify innocent civilians carrying out their daily activities.

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Question three I would allocate 50 % to prevention, 30 % to suppression and 20 % to intervention. Prevention involves disrupting the formation of gangs and curtailing gang activities. 50 % of the resources should be allocated in ensuring that gangs do not form. 30% of the resources should be allocated to suppression. Suppression involves the close supervision and monitoring by agencies. Suppression makes the operation of gangs difficult. Finally, 20 % of the resources should be allocated to intervention.

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