Benefits and oppotunities of marketing mix Assignment

Benefits and oppotunities of marketing mix Assignment Words: 965

In this assignment I shall be describing the benefits and opportunities to AS Sports the business of my choice of using internet marketing within the marketing mix. The marketing mixes are Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process and Physical evidence. Benefits & Opportunities. Product AS sports have tool bar personalized for their customers as they have separate links for each of their products they sell.

What this does it allows the customer to navigate with ease and keep them interested in the products they are looking for this will help AS sports retain the customer. From this the opportunity that AS Sports shall receive from customer retention because customers would not need to scroll through products which are in their interests. This can help them increase their sales and profits this will ultimately lead to the business increasing by size and scale which shall meet the businesses aims and objectives of becoming a globalizes business.

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Place AS Sports have a great presence on search engines such as Google and Being you Just have to type in on Google or Being AS Sports and the official AS Sports website omens up on top the search engine the benefit of that is that they can reach a wider audience and also this will make it easier for customers to find their website online faster.. In addition to this if you Just type in cricket equipment the first link will be AS Sports n addition to this you can find AS sports on Faceable and Twitter this allows them to reach a global audience and enhance their business by scale.

The opportunity from this is that they can have a slighter edge than their competitors for example if you type in cricket equipment the first link would be AS Sports this will result in the customer clicking on the site this will lead to more customer awareness and will further increase the businesses profits and sales in addition to the business increasing by size and by scale. Price AS sports differentiate their prices by placing a tool bar where customers can select their price range such as higher to lower or lower to higher.

This helps the business retain the customer as they do not want to be scrolling through hundreds f products which are not in their price range so therefore AS have personalized this for their users. One of the key opportunities for AS Sports from this is that the customer shall be retained this is due to AS Sports not targeting a certain household income for example both high and low income households can purchase from AS Sports. Promotion AS Sports are currently working in partnership with Flight catchers using banner ads.

In addition to this the organization also promotes through its own website using a few features. One being a static rolling image presentation at the top f the website, various images is used for promotion; one is even used to promote their Faceable page. The opportunity for AS Sports from promoting online is that their Benefits and opportunities of marketing mix By doff costs. In addition to this promoting online shall reach a wider amount people for example AS Sports are currently promoting their business via Faceable there are 800 active Faceable users.

So therefore by promoting online will be low in cost and can reach more people than offline promotion this will help the business in reaching heir aims of becoming a globalizes business. People AS sports provide details such as their phone number and email if in any case a customer wanted to know more information regarding a certain product. This allows the customer to receive the best customer service which will result in the customer becoming loyal to the company. The opportunity from this is that the customer would become a frequent customer this will result in AS Sports increasing their customer retention.

Furthermore the business shall benefit from their brand coming more aware as the frequent customer shall recommend AS Sports to their friends and family and this will lead to the business increasing their profits as well as their Process AS sports have personalized the buying process online for the customer by providing them with interactive shopping baskets and details on delivery this will keep the customer happy as they would not need to physically come into the store to purchase the product but instead purchase it with a few clicks this will result in increasing sales and also customer retention.

The opportunity for AS Sports having a fast process of purchasing shall lead to the business increasing its sales this is because customers would like to purchase their products on a website which is fast, easy to navigate and one which the customer would want to come back on this shall lead to AS Sports increasing their sales and profits.

Physical Evidence AS sports allows the user to have their own account (use of CRM), this is personalized rewarding the customer if he/she is a frequent buyer, this improves the one to one relationship between business and customer in addition to maintaining a positive user experience online, this increases the chance of repeat business.

The opportunity that AS Sports shall have from this is that the customer would be retained within the business this is because AS Sports have personalized the website for their needs for example customers would please with the fact that they can get more deals, offers and news about new products before the general public this would increase the businesses chance of becoming globalizes business and increase their profits and sales.

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