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Date received from student Assessment/grade Assessed by: Recorded: Dispatched (if applicable): The effective advertising must derived from the competitive environment, which means that it must be based on an understanding of consumers (Jones, 1990). Therefore, two overarching theories discussed by Jones. The first one is Strong Theory and the second one is Weak Theory. Two views an ocean apart said Jones. Advertising is such a vital part of many marketers because it can change consumer’s attitude, knowledge, belief and also behaviors Strong Theory can be referred as the persuasion model.

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This theory basically explains that advertising has the ability to make someone to buy a product that they never been bought before and if the brand continues to advertise the product; people will continue to buy it. This can result in repeating long-term behavior. Therefore, advertising has the capable of increasing the sales at the brand and it also used to create the brand images for company. The examples are Versa, Pravda, and Gucci. These famous brands are one of the most successful and recognizable campaigns in advertising.

In addition, the role of strong theory is to remind people of the brand and increase the propensity in eying situation. On the other hand, Weak Theory basically explains that advertising does not actually make people want to purchase a brand and that adverts reinforce have past behavior. In this theory, usually people do not buy the product/brand after looking at the advertisement. Therefore, the advertisement just reminds a buyer that they need to buy the product. Weak theory is different from Strong theory because, the aim of Weak theory is to maintain the existing customers to buy the product again and enforce loyalty.

A leaking bucket refers to a business that is losing customers and market share. In addition, growing brands through the holes in the bucket can be also refers as all brands lose customers. The problem is not to hold the water in the bucket by corking the leakage, but the significant thing is to carry on topping up the leaky bucket with new clients at a bigger rate and develop the brand (Renumber, 2002). In this case, this cannot be acquired by keeping loyal customers and expect them to recommend to others.

Advertising can’t increase sales by only focusing on existing customers, because the existing customers do not buy the product frequently. At some point, arresters cannot just assume that the existing customers will hang around and stay loyal. Therefore, they need to re-earn their loyalty. Advertising needs to reach not only the group of loyal and existing customers but also the group of customers that will most probably not buy the brand recently. This group is called “light buyers”. The existing of light buyers ensures the sustainable market share growth for a brand. TART is Awareness-Trial-Reinforcement model of advertising.

It explains that advertising may influence consumers in many ways, such as gaining awareness, asking a first trial purchase and reinforce product purchase. TART implies that advertising is a price that company pay to stay in the market by defending or maintaining the share of a market that is well established (Weenies & Waite, 2002). Therefore, the sales level of a brand can be influenced by other marketing factor including advertising. The advertisers are defending against the critics from people. Unfortunately, there are several groups of people who give negative comments towards the advertisement due to their mind perceptions.

However, most of the advertisers IM to attract people to buy the product, but some of the people do not know the purpose of the ad. This is one of the problems that advertisers need to solve. Some of the audience takes it as an offence, but the advertisers may aim to make a visual representation of a well-known phrase.

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