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Directions for Submitting Your Project Before you submit your double spaced, PAP Assignment, you should save your ark using the correct naming convention: Last_first Make sure your project is in the appropriate format (Word, Excel, Powering, or other). Then, when you are ready, you may submit on the Dropped page. My Top Five Factors of Job Satisfaction Organizational Behavior Professor Deleted Suzann Hernandez Kaplan University 3/10/2013 Job factors play a major role in a choice of job for many. Some will compromise some factors while accepting the job for other factors.

In this essay, I will identify my top five factors and why they are important to me for job satisfaction. My top five factors are: 1) Organization’s financial stability, 2) feeling safe in the work environment and relationships with co-workers, 3) opportunities to use skills and talents and training and career advancements, 4) communication in the workplace, and 5) flexibility to balance home life with work life. These are my top five with a couple being doubled up as they are of the same importance to me. Now, let us discuss the first factor.

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Organization’s financial stability is very important to me because of a couple of reasons. The first is the financial stability of the company means job security. I know that there is no such thing as job security, but the more profits a company makes, the longer can keep my job. This factor is very prevalent today and even causes stress which is more harmful for your health. (Middleton. Com, 2012) The second reason this factor is important to me is am getting older. The older someone gets the harder it is finding a job. I would prefer to stay at a job until retire.

As our book says one reason it is harder for aging people to find or maintain jobs is because of the belief that job performance declines with age. Robbins & Judge, 2013) Many will act on this notion whether it is true or not. (Robbins & Judge, 2013) What about safety at a job? Can anyone feel safe anymore? Let us explore this factor next. Feeling safe in the work environment and getting along with co-workers is very important to me because being safe gives a sense of security. Co-workers can also contribute to the safety in the work environment by preventing bullying.

According to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries PDF, workplace bullying causes unsafe work conditions by creating feelings of benevolentness and denying the target the right to dignity at work. (S. H. A. R. P. , 2011) There are also other ways that safety can be accomplished at work. Another way is making sure things are not in the way of the walk path or that chemicals are properly labeled and stored. Many places that deal with chemicals have a poster from OSHA that will guide the proper use and disposal and storage of chemicals. I am sure many of us have seen this poster.

What could be my next factor? Let us explore opportunities to use skills and talents and training and career advancements. Because of the diversity of the workforce, there is a huge pool of talents, skills, and knowledge to utilize. Why would any employer deny himself this advantage? Every one of us learns new things on a daily basis and this is something we can bring to the table. We must also keep ourselves informed and updated. Employers keep the advantage if they educate their employees. It also creates loyalty and job satisfaction; although, some may argue about the loyalty. For instance, according to helium. Mom, some may take the loyalty you display and use it. Hodge, 2010) The site also says to display loyalty to the point the company displays it to you. (Hodge, 2010) My fourth factor is communication in the workplace. Let us explore this factor a little. I appreciate communication in a big way. I must say, communication is a pet peeve to me when it is not used. Most places that I have worked had poor communication skills. How else can you carry out the tasks of your job with the wishes of your employer? Many employers start out with their missions and global statements. They usually have an employee hand book as well.

This is a tart to communication between Management, employees, and the consumers. Communication is like the arteries of a business. It feeds the company its nutrients to survive. I placed this one on my list because I need to know what is expected of me on a job. I cannot carry out my duties without knowing what will be expected of me and the outcome of what I do. As my last factor, let us explore flexibility to balance home life with work life. As a mother, my family has always been important to me. It was hard to tell the kids not to call work unless it was important or an emergency.

It was frowned upon if I told work I will not be available on my days off. When this factor is unbalanced, the website the monoclinic. Com says the consequences are fatigue in which could cost you though poor decisions and judgment, relationship break down in which marriages break down and children’s milestones are lost, and increased expectations can lead to more responsibilities when you put in more hours. (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2012) How do I balance work with life? The website mentions many options to combat the unbalance of the work-life factor.

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