Assignment: Marketing Activity at Campbell Assignment

Assignment: Marketing Activity at Campbell Assignment Words: 266

The ads had the model claiming to have Campbell cheesecake and reduce cholesterol by a certain level. The company distributed through a direct channel or rather through personal sell that is they delivered directly to the consumers to avoid the hassle of maintaining temperature while transporting to the retailer since that could affect quality.

The company had its own sales representative and they often called on health professionals for further customer satisfaction. The test market seemed to be successful but the launch was a failure. In 10 weeks a number of customers proclaimed to have lost 10 pounds and a cholesterol drop from 240 to 200 or a blood sugar drop from 300 to 110 and these results were a promise to success. Often customers stooped prescribed medications with the use of these products which were even better results. The launch was a failure since the sales target was 40,000 orders and the company was getting as few as 2500 in just over six weeks.Campbellhad an amazing product but their marketing strategy was not good enough. The target market for the product was those suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar. Their positioning strategy was more for less that is more benefits for a lesser price. Thus, in 1998, the company decided to pull off IQ from the market which marked the end of nutraceuticals again. The issue was that the company needed to educate its customers before launching the product and that is why their marketing strategy was a flop.

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