Assignment: Marketing strategies of Bahrain Commercial Company Assignment

Assignment: Marketing strategies of Bahrain Commercial Company Assignment Words: 270

The company’s tag line to sell their products is “Prove/maintain your income and get a loan from us; Get a higher loan amount from Tas’heelat.” The positioning approach is based upon features so they are capitalizing on their competitive advantage. In other words they have a features positioning strategy. The target market is age group 30yrs and above, private business owners, teachers, government employees, Employee Loan Scheme and Golden Key customers.

The company basically has two promotional activities mainly which includes Employee Loan Scheme Program and Ramadan activities. Employee Loan Scheme Program includes advertisement by sending print material to new organizations, conducting in house marketing via direct mail, marketing or telemarketing, offering discounts and placing advertisements in newsletters. Ramadan activities include advertising via media that includes TV channels or radio, distribution of Ramadan vouchers to the loyal customers, inviting 150 car dealers and paying hotel’s rent for them as well.

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The company’s communication strategies include maintaining public relations and others which includes website etc. Under public relations the company gives sponsorships like the Tas’heelat tournament, they have at least two press releases in a month and then they have twelve donation related press releases, three Human Resources related and nine businesses related. The company also publishes a newsletter twice a year. Other communication strategies include through the company website, through SMS for campaigns or greeting customers and window stickers or Roll-ups in branches.

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