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Pate (personal communication, June 1 0, 2013). Also, according to “The VS.. System” (Ellis et al. , 201 2, pig. 51), I am an auditory learner and this makes it harder for me to focus when reading because a textbook cannot talk. Being able to hear the learning material also makes me more interested and therefore I pay more attention” M. Pate (personal communication, April, 30, 2013). Another reason why I chose this goal is because will not always have someone there such as a professor to each me the material. The accounting designation I am planning to attain requires me to give three exams for which I have to study all on my own, without any professor teaching me the material directly from the text book. Knowing how to study strictly from a textbook will really be helpful for me in the future.

Action Plan In order to accomplish my goal have created an action plan that consists Of four Steps. Will state each step and give a brief description about the step and how it can be accomplished. 1 . Choosing the right course. I will choose a course in which a textbook is squired and readings from the textbook are necessary for each lecture. 2. Making a reading schedule. Looking at the course outline and deciding when each chapter reading should be done and also have enough time for revision before each lecture. 3.

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Reading the chapter. In order to improve my reading skill I have decided to follow the strategies stated in the article, “How Muscle Reading works” (Ellis et al. , 2012, pig. 1 38). For this part of my actions plan will strictly focus on phase one and two from the reading. I will follow steps 1, 2, 4 and 5. Firstly I will preview the reading, “Previewing sets the stage for incoming information by warming up a space in your mental storage area” (pig. 139). Next will read the outlines provided in each chapter of my textbook.

Afterward I will begin to read the chapter and to avoid losing focus I will, “Schedule breaks and set a reasonable goal for the entire session” (Ellis et al. , 201 2, pig. 140). Finally, the underlining step will also help me concentrate. 4. Revising before lecture. This step focuses on phase three of the reading which is reciting, reviewing and reviewing again. The highlighting, underlining or notes that take form the readings, can be used to review the concepts. Identify potential challenges There are three major challenges that I must overcome in order to accomplish this goal.

The first challenge is that none of the courses in my fall semester meet the guidelines that discussed in my action plan step one. To overcome this obstacle, I don’t have to follow this plan for strictly only reading from a textbook, I can also change it to an assignment for one of the courses. Muscle reading is not only specified for textbook reading but also assignments from classes, therefore I can make a different goal and action plan to fit the changes. Another solution could be to wait to put this plan into action for the winter semester.

There possibly can be a course then that follows the guidelines that Eve set for this particular plan. The second challenge is may need more time to read some chapters more than others. This challenge can be overcome by step two in my action plan. I can leave extra days in my schedule in case I do need more time or I can make the schedule according to how many pages there are in the chapter, longer the heaper, the more time can give myself to read it in the schedule. The final and biggest challenge I will have to overcome is not letting my workload from other courses getting in the way of my readings.

I often choose not to read the textbook because I am too busy with other assignments. In order to avoid this from happening, I will also need to make a schedule for when make time to do my other course work. I manage my time very well and always follow my schedule that I make for school work therefore, this challenge may be difficult but can still overcome it through my great time management skills. In order to know whether the action plan has helped me accomplish my goal or not, at the end of the semester I can look through the textbook and review it to see whether I have read all the required chapters for the course.

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