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Short answer questions B Handout This is a summary of the evidence required for the unit. Task Evidence Learning outcomes covered Short answer questions 1. 1, 1. 2, 3. , 3. 2, 3. 3, 3. 4 Handout 2. 1, 2. 2, 2. 3 Assignment mark sheet Candidate name David Leigh Candidate number Centre name Centre number Results Total marks available 24 Mark Achieved Passed Y/N can confirm that the evidence listed for this unit is my own work and was carried out under the conditions and context specified in the assessment specification.

Candidate signature d Leigh Date 05/12/2014 confirm that the candidate has achieved all the requirements of this unit with the evidence listed and the assessment was conducted under the specified conditions and context, and is valid, authentic, reliable, current and sufficient. Tutor / assessor signature Date Quality assurance co-ordination signature (where applicable) External verifier signature (where applicable) Task A Short answer questions See 206 question booklet Task B Handout Produce a handout to be used during a staff induction for an adult social care service of your choosing.

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The handout must include: Bi An outline of what is meant by ‘agreed ways of working. The policies and procedures designed and written by your employer set out how you should provide care and support for others and how to should deal with specific issues in your work setting. These should include policies and procedures relating to: Health and safety Equal opportunities Confidentiality Data protection Waste management Moving and handling Managing medication Security and safeguarding Bi An explanation of the importance of having full and up-to-date details of the agreed ways of working.

The workplace policies produced by your employer identify the general approach that the organization takes towards an issue. The moving and handling policy may outline a ‘no manual lifting’ approach to moving and supporting service users. The procedures that accompany the policy would then outline the detail way of putting the ‘no manual lifting’ approach into practice, such as through the use of lifting aids and equipment. You should know about and understand all of the procedures that affect your work role.

There should be detailed procedures explaining how to such as: Respond to a fire incident Deal with the receipt of medication Deal with an accident or death in your work setting Assess and manage risk Viii description of why it is important that social care workers follow guidance about the limits of their job role. The policies and procedures written by your employer should incorporate all of he legal requirements affecting care work and should reflect the safest and most effective ways of carrying out particular tasks.

It is essential that you understand and follow these policies and procedures to ensure that you are working in ways agreed by your employer. Question Booklet Task A – Short Answer Questions Ai Explain three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship. 6 marks A working relationship is a relationship where the person spends time with a co- worker or Client at work but has little to no contact with them out of working hours. Whereas in a arsenal relationship, personal life, extra-curricular activities and social life are involved.

Work relationships don’t usually involve arguing, discussing interest and personal life problems between co-workers. Whereas they a big part to personal relationships. Sharing information with colleagues, clients and other professionals is limited whereas sharing In a personal relationship is unlimited AI Give two examples of different working relationships in an adult social care setting. 2 marks The relationship between the social care worker and service user is a type of working Relationship in the adult care setting. The social care worker must have a working relationship With the service user.

The relationship between the social care worker and line manager IS Another example of a working relationship. This relationship must stay professional within the adult care setting. Explaining why it is important that social care workers work in partnership with individuals using the service and their family. 4 marks It is important that social care workers work together with service user and their families as Both have a common goal to protect the service users. It is important that all parties work getter to support the best interest of the service user.

Affiliation three ways of working that can help improve partnership working. 3 marks It is important to work with each other as we have a common goal to protect from harm. To ensure we are all involved in decision making to contribute to the growth and development Of the whole team. Using your skills to the best of our ability, train new staff, attend training, and know your role and responsibilities. VA When people with different views, skills and expertise are working together, they may disagree about the best way forward. Identify five different skills or approaches that might help resolve conflict. Marks 1) Make a positive comment to your colleague at least once a day 2) Ask questions about your colleague and try and find out more about them 3) Pick up any comment that may lead to areas of common interest 4) Learn what you can, either by listening to others or by asking questions about the person’s background 5) Make a list of the positives that this particular colleague brings to the team Vigilant two ways you could obtain support and advice about working in partnership and resolving conflicts. 1) Your manager or supervisor is your first line of support for partnership irking.

Your organization may have set policies and procedures for setting up and working In a partnership. 2) It is also likely that your manager will have experience of partnership working and will Be able to share advice and their own experience. It is a sign of a mature and reflective Worker that they know when to ask for advice and recognize when they need help. Assignment 206 Understand the role of the social care worker Task A marking grid Assessment Criteria Question Met in booklet Met in discussion Not met 1. 1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship Ai 1. 2

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