Anxiety and Facebook Shopping Online Assignment

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Anxiety and Facebook Shopping Online BY 072374 VI NGUYEN ENGLISH 22 11-05-2013 The Procrastination Effect Procrastination is a big problem, it would happen on everyone, everything and at anytime. “Procrastination is on of the most common and deadliest of disease and its toll on success and happiness heavy’ said by Wayne Gretzky. There are three major negative effects of procrastination in my life is anxiety, anger, stress. First, procrastination made me felt anxious. when I delay getting my work done; as a result, I know I won’t do a good Job.

Or I felt so nervous and afraid of the teacher hen I come to class without an homework done. For example in my English 22 class, I have to write the essay every week. I try to write the essay at the night before and found it was very difficult to concentrate on it. I didn’t have any idea or didn’t do any research. Because I procrastinate on my writing a essay. I felt lost and depression about it. As a result, my essay turned out poorly, it did not flowed smoothly. The sentence was not complete. The story wasn’t clear. Procrastination has led to some consequences in my life In additional, procrastination effected me by angry .

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Because I put off studying of my chemistry test so long, so I had to study all night for my 3chapters exam.. The next day I made many mistakes in the test. After a week I got my result with an C on the test . However, I always give my self a good excuse “l can pull thing out at the last minute”. That’s wasn’t true. I notice that live can be ruin by procrastination. Also my anger was increase day by day from procrastination. I become more sensitive on everything even a small thing. For example I keep complaining and nagging or grouchy on my brother because he wasn’t clean the house for me.

Furthermore, procrastination also effected me by stress. Such as: I putting the assignment off until last minutes has left me no time to do well; as a consequence, I feel tired and exhausted I can’t do anything well. Or I wait until the deadline to do my homework in 1 or 2 day before due. Procrastination made me stress out and felt guilty, whenever I realize I can’t make my homework. Stress effects me in many way, It like I always feel tired, sleepy or weak and easy get cold or flu. I am staying up late for my home work at school and not sleeping well. This stress can result in my health problem.

Procrastination is a big problem to me in my college life. Procrastination is a bad and unhealthy habit. I can stop being miserable if I stop procrastinating and manage well of my time. I have to put away all my distraction ; such as Facebook shopping online ,or youtube, really tocus on my lite and my school. I need to motivate my selt to study. It like study in small block instead of long time period. Or Also I will keep the reminder schedule and the check list on ‘pad and set realistic goal for my self. Procrastination was a bad experience to me. I should wake up and realize I have to do thing before it wasn’t too late.

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