An Introduction to Project Management Assignment

An Introduction to Project Management Assignment Words: 841

Introduction: Rachel is one of project managers in an information system project, this case study mainly discussed the way on a project manager allocates her time to spend one day in her life. Statement of the Problem: Based on the data given on the case, how should Rachel efficiently spend her time whole day? Objectives: 1. To be able to provide an efficient time-management processes 2. To be able to sort out different activities based on the data provided from the case 3.

To be able to provide solutions on how efficient Rachel with regards to spending her time wisely. Characteristics of a Project| Examples from the case study| Project is a complex, non routine, one time effort is limited by time, budget, resources, and performance specifications and its implemented to meet customer requirements| * Review project reports and prepare for the weekly status meeting – 25 min * Discuss the project with her superior – 20 min * Identify and respond to the issue arise in the project – 20 min|

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Characteristics of a non project| Examples from the case study| Non project is an ordinary daily work that requires doing the same work repetitively and may also referred as routine| * Socializing and catching up with personal news – 10 min * Reviewing the day’s schedule – 15 min| Characteristics of a Quasi project| Example from the case study| * No specific task is defined * Specific time limit has not been provided * Likely to arise in temporary situations * Performance schedules and budgets have been implied| * Updating the boss on key events of the day|

Activity| Project| Routine| Quasi-Project| Non Project| Socializing and catching up on personal news| | | | 10 min| Getting to her office and settle in| | | | 10 min| Review her schedule| | 15 min| | | Going over project reports and preparing for the weekly status meeting | 25 min| | | | Discussing the project with her boss| | 20 min| | | Project status meeting delayed | | | | 15 min| Progress review meeting| 45 min| | | | Reviewing project assignments| 30 min| | | | Listening to the teammates| 20 min| | | | Gossiping with Eddie| | | | 30 min|

Discussing the problem with John| 30 min| | | | Exploring getting the necessary equipments to the project| 30 min| | | | Everyone getting online and checking mails| | | | 15 min| Exchanging information about technical requirements| 60 min| | | | Waiting in Mary’s office | | | | 10 min| Agreeing with Mary to talk with the team| 40 min| | | | Reviewing the impact the client’s request| 30 min| | | | Updating boss on key events of the day | | | 20 min| | Reviewing emails, project documents and login on to MS Project| 30 min| | | | Going Home| | | | 30|

Total| 340 min| 35 min| 20 min| 120 min| Efficiency (number of minutes spent per category / Total spent time x 100 | 66. 02%| 6. 79%| 3. 88%| 23. 30%| Analysis: Efficiency = Direct project related worktotal spend time ? 10 =340515 x 100 =66. 02% ? Rachel is an efficient project manager for some extent and also she has an efficiency of 66. 02% while she has only spend her time on non project activities with an efficiency of 23. 30%. Findings: Based on the question on the case stating; what does the case tell you about what is like to be a project manager?

Project Manager Provides Direction, Coordination and Integration to the Project Team * Solve out the problems and direct the team members for the solution * Discuss with the team members when ever got an issue and get their ideas too * Keeping Project status meetings, small discussions to coordinate and ingrate Improving the projects’ success rate with better leadership * “The project leadership is shaping a team of diverse individuals a force that produces an effective output/measurable project results. (Dr. Karen McGraw ) * Leading courageously * Influencing others * Act with resilience Organization Planning * Great relationship with individuals and Organizational Structure * Friendly relationship with other managers, team members and individuals * Coordinates her boss and Updates everything to her boss * Maintains great integration with other managers when solves an issue Ex: Integration with senior marketing manager

Essential Leadership Skills| Examples from the case| Leading courageously – being important and challenging others to make tough choices| Frequently interacts with her project team, identifies the issues and response to those effectively. E. g. meeting Mary| Influencing others – As a good leader, he must be able to provide convincing responses to the ideas and suggestions and gain the support from the stakeholders. | * Request John to investigate the problem immediately. She decides to get equipments for the project through express delivery quite earlier than they planned. | Act with resilience – He/she must be concerned on the project goals and should not give up the project at any cost. | When Rachel recognized that the client’s managers request for additional features that were not included in the scope of project, she tries to identify the root causes and take possible steps to resolve the issue without giving up the project. Managing the overall schedule to ensure work is assigned and completed on time and within budget| When she has been helping Victoria on her project as it was behind the projected time| Identifying, tracking, managing and resolving project issues| * She attended meeting in order to find out the project issue and try to fix them. * Also she has found out that several clients are requesting features that are not on the project, and she said her team members she will get on this issue right away. |

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