Project Management: Crosby Manufacturing Corporation Assignment

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The president of Crosby Manufacturing Corporation Mr. Livingston called a meeting with the department managers to resolve an issue they have. The issue is with the management cost and control systems (MCCS). The goal of the meeting is to update the current MCCS and increase the company’s business profits and growth. Mr. Livingston wants to upgrade the current software and computers with a more up to oate verslon.

I nls wlll nelp Improve tne ( I ne Ideas Drougnt up ana t meeting discussed the feasibility study and the cost and time constraints to implement the big change. The EDP manager adds that they should also do evaluation of vendors besides the benchmarking tests. Tim Emary was appointed as the project manager and led the group to its goal with a timely finish. Discuss whether or not Livingston’s selection of Emary as project manager a mistake. Reading the case study it clearly shows Mr. Emary is not experienced in the leadership position.

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While Emary is a capable planner, he is not from either the formal project anagement group or the EDP department, or functional departments from which project managers usually come. Mr. Livingston appointed Tim Emary to be project manager over the management cost and control system project. In my opinion Mr. Livingston’s selection of Emary as a project manager was not a wise or correct one. This project will change the operations to the company. This is a very important project and it would have been better for the project if someone with more experience could over see the project.

Tim Emary is not an experienced person in the field of project management. He may not be able to tackle each and every situation that he comes across while the project is being implemented. The knowledge of how to manage a project is very important in order to successfully complete the project within the constraints given. Discuss the possible reaction of the functional employees to the appointment of Emary as project manager. There can be many different reactions to this appointment. Let’s start off looking at where Tim Emary came from the planning department.

Emary may be skilled with schedules but he is not as knowledgeable in regard to IT as other department managers. There are many ossible reactions of the functional employee to the appointment of Emary as project manager. Employees may think Mr. Livingston was biased in appointing Emary as the project manager of the management cost and control system project. Functional employees may have a enw or Jealousy toward Mr. Emary which can cause them not to fully respect or trust the PM. since he is not as knowledgeable as them and there expertise. Lastly, the teamwork and moral can suffer.

Some of the functional employees who were hoping to be appointed the project manager for this project would be disgruntled and not happy to work under Mr. Emary. Teamwork would or could decline and moral would be extremely low. The latter thoughts of the employee’s are since Emary is not experienced the employees will band together and work as a team. They can co-operate with the PM to help insure the project is successfully completed. Emary respect would be earned and gained if this happened. Discuss the impact of cost and time constraints on networking techniques and project schedules.

During the initial meeting this was one of the main concerns. The financial impact and time constraints on networking techniques and project schedules. The project start and end dates are set and fixed before the project begins. The project adding resources is not usually feasible as it increases cost. There should be a balance between time and cost constraints to ensure resources are not wasted. Management understands costs could exceed expectations, and might even take a perverse delight in recounting past examples, the same is not true for time constraints.

Cost over runs is resolved in-house, while schedule issues are open and visible to the customer. A company has a lot of useful, aeslraDle work tnat could De cone, out nas Ilmltea resources avallaDle wltn wnlcn to o that work. Management must make choices about which work to do and how to allocate resources. This leads to constraints especially, the time constraint and the cost constraint. Time is of the essence down to smallest detail. Each and every component of the project is analyzed with respect to the time required for completion.

Once the project is completed these components are broken down even further into the time required to do each task. From all of this management is able to estimate the duration of the project as well as what and how many/much resources need to be dedicated to that particular project. Costs are usually related to the resources which are required in the project. Cost of a project refers to what needs to be applied or assigned to the project in terms of effort and money in order to complete the project.

This includes resources like materials, manpower or any third party resources that night need to be secured. However, when we allocate additional resources to the project we need to redesign the schedules which may lead to different critical paths and therefore, make it even more difficult to manage the project. In other words, we cannot change cost or time without affecting the other. Discuss which constraints ultimately compromise the project’s performance quality. The first constraint that comes to mind is the weak constraint.

This constraint is the most flexible out of the constraints. The key piece to the weak constraints is recognizing the most flexible constraints and the ones not so important. The weak constraints are very important but clearly provide the best flexibility. The driver constraints would be the next one to take a look at. This constraint is those that cannot fail without dragging the project down t fail with it. This constraint is not nearly as flexible like the weak constraint. The last constraint that compromises the projects performance is the middle constraint.

This constraint is not very flexible but has more room for error. The most important constraint out off all is the weak constraint. The performance of the project will be based on how the weak constraints are managed. Time, cost, and scope constraints are the three constraints are the ones which take on role of the driver for middle constraint and weak constraints. References Kerzner, H. (2009). Project management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling (10 th ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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