Amazons Marketing Strategies Assignment

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Team Research Assignment Amazons Marketing Strategy Summary: The marketing strategies of Amazon are divided into six main parts. It starts off with the company freely proffering products and services. Then It uses a customer- friendly Interface to achieve a much better look. It also scales easily from very small to large. It exploits Its affiliates produces and resources. It also uses existing communication systems. Lastly It utilizes behaviors and mentalities.

Combined, all of these aspects ensure that Amazon can grow a very successful company It also keeps t as strong as possible. Without some of these marketing strategies Amazon would not be what it is today. Throughout Amazons entire time, these have been some of the things that they have always looked for, in terms of trying to provide a great experience and market their company. Analysis: Starting off with freely proffers products and services. I think this is very Important for Amazon to always have since there company relies on other companies selling on there site.

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Without the products and services that are sold on there site, I think they loud not be as successful as they are today. Amazons friendly Interface provides the customers to feel like they are buying from a reliable source as well as feeling at ease while searching through the site. This is very important for Amazon, because many people use it because It is so easy to buy produces from the site. Amazon as a whole scales extremely easily from large to small. This can make the company better in many different aspect. Not very many companies have this ability. Amazon exploits many products and recourses and it helps everyone.

It helps the customers find what hey need, it helps the companies gain popularity and helps Amazon to create a much better site as a whole. Amazon also uses existing communication systems to help the site grow In a much better way. It allows for the site to have a much larger connection between themselves and the consumer. Amazon does a great Job of utilizing different behaviors and mentalities. The site Itself can target In on the certain ways that a customer might use the site.

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