Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Assignment

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if Internet didn’t exist in this world ? Explanation Internet is now commonly used by people all ages all over the globe. It has various functions that benefit human beings from communication to entertainment. Reasons Advantages receive and find the latest information online Purchasing newspapers and magazines won’t be necessary anymore because all the most recent news will show up in front of our eyes with just a single click. Completing projects and assignments would also be much more easier as we can find tons of useful information on the

Internet. Share photos and videos online through social medias we get to share our experiences and interact with people anytime, anywhere complete a lot of things by using the Internet without leaving the house such as online banking, online shopping, online gaming and online billing. All these functions make our life much more convenient. Disadvantages tears people apart because they only meet in social networks and not meeting each other in person This is accurate because people nowadays, especially youngsters, get addicted to playing online games as well as social media chatting instead of interacting with people in real life.

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This causes an individual to be less sociable in reality and it worsens relationships between family and friends. Risk a theft to our personal information if we use the Internet for online banking Imposter can trick us into doing inappropriate things and even hijack our money if we’re not careful some dishonest vendors sell low quality goods to their customers. The products in pictures may seem appealing but when the stock arrives, it contains flaws. Conclusion Personal Comments To sum up, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using the Internet. I believe it can be a good thing as long as people use it wisely.

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