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By this full implementation this could help to our politicians making our places peaceful, peers group could be avoided eke gangster, sorority, and fraternity groups. For the curfew hours of minors will also effective if that could be fully implemented. By this no person below 18 years old will be in their home before night hours. They will focus on their study, making their assignment at home. Instead of wasting their time in drinking liquors, playing gambling playing billiards and computer games.

Because they will not be allowing to stand by and all public places between 7:00 pm to 5:00 am. Juvenile crimes will be avoided. Fully implementation of curfew could help the public enforcer to make peace and order to the immunity. Crimes will be decreasing because if there are no minors and other people who were got drunk there will be the possibility that no one will commit a crime. And was in favor of the fully implementation of curfew hours in the reason that parents/ guardian will be having a peace in mind that their children are safe from any vices that could they in countered.

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B. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the full implementation of the above proposition? Youth is a major and growing problem, often involving both drugs and violence. By imposing curfew hours it can help to solve this problem. It is advantageous, because it keeps minor or others people in the street, and therefore out of trouble, and prevent from congregating in the hours of darkness. Curfews on minors help to protect vulnerable children for not all parents are responsible and inevitably their children.

Suffer both from crime and accidents, and are likely to full into bad habits. C. How do we solve or what suggestion would you recommend to solve above proposition? I suggest that curfew hours should be fully implemented in La Trinidad, by the approval Of the municipal mayor Edna Tableland. If that could e happen the place of La Trinidad will have a peace and safety community. There are no people stands by at the public places like Tableland Park.

All economic structures establishment like bars, clubs, restaurant, billiard hall, and computer shop will be closed during night time. Curfew will also provide safety precaution to the other businesses. By fully implementation of curfew hours will cause in the decreasing of crime rate in La Trinidad. There are many crime cases that the police have encountered like the case of PEP Mendoza who shot the owner of the midtown bar located at town, latrine, unguent in the reason that he was drunk.

If the full implementation of curfew hours was imposed earlier that could not be happen. In socio-cultural way back in the past people the place of La Trinidad have a few number of business establishment, but when the years goes by it brought to a sociological changes. The ways of the fore father were able to evolve. As I suggest to side of educational sectors curfew hours should be imposed, to avoid minors from addiction to computers, drinking liquor, and other vices that it could affect their studies.

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