Accountability by Spc Jones Assignment

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This essay is overall about the topic of accountability, but specifically about leaving the communication equipment unsecured after returning from a field exercise. The responsibility of each soldier in each section of the company is to make sure that every single piece of equipment is locked away and secured according to whatever guidelines that the chain of command has given in accordance with the company SOP. With saying that there should never be an issue with any soldier leaving any equipment unsecure if everyone follows the simple soldiering skill that was taught in basic training.

The rules of accountability are taught to every soldier from the first day that they are inserted into the army. The rule is simple, leave no equipment unsecured. From the first day of basic training, soldiers are taught accountability of their equipment. When you arrive at basic training, you are issued all of your equipment and it is your responsibility to maintain control and know where your equipment is at all times. Regardless what training you are doing or how big the mission is, you must maintain accountability for your equipment, devices and all important military items.

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Accountability has an effect on you and your units overall mission readiness and performance in all situations whether they are minor or critical. Accountability also effects the tasks and assignments success do to lack of poor communication or lack of equipment , there are responsibilities that can not be achieved. Maintaining the correct resources and the proper control of your equipment greatly improves your chance of mission success and reduces your chances of mission failure significantly on and off the battlefield.

Without equipment the mission can not can be completed, there for accountability is of the up most importance. Units who practice good accountability are the units that achieve the most success as it has been proven thru out time. The United States of America won the war against Adolph Hiltler and the Germans by attacking their supply routes. Due to the Germans not having accountability of their supplies, their chances of mission success were greatly reduced and there for they lost World War Two.

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