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Learning To complement your course of study, you may decide to Join a group or club associated with your academic interests. The benefits of this include adding to your knowledge and getting to know other people within your area of study. Joining such a group does not necessarily mean just sitting around and doing more studying; it can bring an academic subject to life. For example, if you are majoring in history, consider joining a historical re-enactment society. Social Skills Many different types of people attend college, meaning your college years are a reflect opportunity for milling with people from a variety of backgrounds.

By Joggling an extra-curricular group or club you have the chance to mature socially through interaction with students who you may not have met through classes alone. Not only do extra-curricular activities give you the opportunity to interact with more people, but also to potentially form long-lasting relationships with some of them. Well-being Extra-curricular activities can facilitate your personal development and Improve your general well-being. Just by taking time out to relax and do something different from tidying you can decrease your stress levels and gain some perspective on your academic workload.

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Speaking with other students who have a similar workload or pressures can keep you from feeling isolated. By communicating with others on a regular, informal basis you may enhance your emotional intelligence, become more familiar with social cues and generally improve your cognitive abilities and behavior. Health Joining a sports team or exercise class can help improve your health and fitness. Playing sports, doing aerobics or learning to dance is not Just about losing weight; in act it does not necessarily have to be about losing weight at all.

Exercise can also increase your stamina, reduce stress, decrease cholesterol levels and blood pressure, tone your body, help you sleep at night and reduce the risk of certain Illnesses and diseases. Playing in a team or Joining a class has the added benefit of potentially being more fun than working out on your own. Experience Extra-curricular activities can help you build skills and gain experience that will be useful to you in your graduate career both in terms of job searching and performance at work.

Participation in activities such as debating, campaigning, volunteering or even the running of your own extra-curricular club can develop your negotiation, communication, conflict management and leadership skills. Getting Involved In activities connected with your Ideal career may also enhance your resume and impress potential employers. Perfect Student Question: What are some Characteristics that Make the Perfect Student? Teaching Is cue Joy I en ultimate reward Is Knowing Tanat you nave ten opportunity to impact a young person’s life. However, not every student is created equally. This is a good thing.

If every student were the same, teaching would be a boring Job. Some students are simply more challenging than others for a variety of external factors. Most teachers will tell you that they don’t have favorites, but the truth is that there are students who possess certain characteristics that make them the perfect student. It is difficult not to embrace these students because they make your Job easier. Answer: The perfect student….. ASKS QUESTIONS. Most teachers want students to ask questions when they do not understand a incept that is being taught. It is truly the only way a teacher knows whether you really understand something.

If no questions are asked, then the teacher has to assume that you understood that concept. Good students aren’t afraid to ask questions because they know that if they do not get a particular concept, it could hurt them later on when that skill is expanded. Asking questions is often beneficial to the class as a whole because chances are if you have that question, there are other students who have that same question. The perfect student is a….. HARD WORKER. The perfect student isn’t necessarily the smartest student. This is important to realize in this discussion.

There are plenty of students who are blessed with natural intelligence, but lack the self discipline to hone that intelligence. Teachers love students who choose to work hard no matter what their level of intelligence is. The hardest working students will ultimately be the most successful in life. Learning to work hard early on will pay off. Being a hard worker in school simply means completing assignments on time, putting your maximum effort into every assignment, skiing for extra help when you need it, putting in the time to study for tests and quizzes, as well as recognizing weaknesses and looking for ways to improve upon those weaknesses.

The perfect student is….. Loomed. Being involved in extra-curricular activities can help a student gain confidence which can improve academic success. Most schools provide a plethora of extra-curricular activities that students can participate in. Most good students get involved in some activity whether it is athletics, FAA, Student Council, FACIAL, etc. These activities roved so many learning opportunities that a traditional classroom simply can’t. These activities also provide opportunities to take on leadership roles and they often teach people to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal.

The perfect student is a….. LEADER. Teachers love good students who are natural leaders within their classroom. Whole classes have their own unique personalities and often times those classes with good leaders are good classes. Likewise, those classes that lack peer leadership can be the most difficult to handle. Leadership skills are often innate. There are those that have it and those that don’t. It is also a skill that develops over time amongst your peers. Being trustworthy is a key component of being a leader. If your classmates don’t trust you, then you will never be leader.

If you are a leader amongst your peers, you have the ultimate responsibility to lead by example and the ultimate power to motivate others to be successful. The perfect student is….. Motivated. Motivation comes from many places. The best students are the ones that are motivate to De cutlets. Likewise students won lack motivation are ten ones won re the hardest to reach, are often in trouble, and eventually drop out of school. Students who are motivated to learn are easy to teach. They want to be at school, they want to learn, and they want to succeed.

Motivation means different things to different people. There are very few people that aren’t motivated by something. Good teachers will figure out how to motivate most students in someway, but those students who are self-motivated are far easier to reach than those who aren’t. The perfect student is a….. PROBLEM SOLVER. No skill is lacking more in this generation of students than that of the ability to be a robber solver. With the impending Common Core State Standards requiring students to be adept at problem solving, this is a serious skill that schools are going to have to work extensively at developing.

Students who possess true problem solving skills are few and far between in this generation largely because of the accessibility that they have to information. At the simple click of a mouse, students today can access more information than ever before, thus rendering problem solving skills virtually obsolete. Those students who do possess true problem solving abilities are are gems that teachers love. They can be used as a resource to help develop other students into becoming problem solvers. The perfect student…..

Selves OPPORTUNITIES. One of the greatest opportunities that this country offers is that every child has a free and public education. Unfortunately not every person takes full advantage of that opportunity. It is true that every student must attend school for some period of time, but that doesn’t mean that every student seizes that opportunity and maximizes their learning potential. The opportunity to learn is undervalued in the United States. Many parents don’t see value in education, thus their children don’t see value in education.

It is a sad reality that is often overlooked in the school reform movement. The best students take advantage of the opportunities their afforded and value the education that they have an opportunity to receive. The perfect student is a….. Sold CITIZEN. Teachers will tell you that classes full of students who follow the rules and procedures have a better chance at maximizing their learning potential. Students who are well behaved are likely to learn more than their counterparts who become detent discipline statistics.

There are plenty of smart students who are discipline problems. In fact those students are often the source of ultimate frustration for teachers, because they will likely never maximize their intelligence unless they choose to change the behavior. Students who are well behaved in class are easy for teachers to deal with even if they struggle academically. Nobody wants to work with a student who constantly causes problems, but teachers will try to move mountains for students who are polite, respectful, and follow the rules. The perfect student has a…..

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