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Students will develop an understanding of the definition of health, the components of health-related fitness and how the different domains of personal health relate to each other. 2. Students will understand the basic concepts of behavior change as it relates to personal health habits. 3. Students will understand the relationship between stress management, diet, exercise and weight management in achieving wellness. 4. Students will understand the components of health-related fitness and know how to plan a comprehensive components. exercise program to develop all .

Students will be able to identify select chronic diseases, learn appropriate steps to help prevent their occurrence and understand treatment options. 6. Within the specific activity sections, students will acquire the knowledge, skills and structure necessary to continue the activity with the ultimate goal of achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of physical fitness throughout the lifespan. Grading–Lecture Portion: Exams (3) 22% Each Exam Dates are Feb 9, Mar. 9 and Apr . 13 Note: Makeup exams (without penalty) require documentation.

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In the event f an emergency, contact the instructor Within 24 Hrs.! Makeup exams requested without documentation Of a valid excuse will result in an automatic 25% reduction in score per day taken late. Grading–Lecture Portion (cont. ) Quizzes (3) 2% Each In-class participation assignments Expenditure Analysis 5% 6% Diet/Energy Group Case Study Personal Fitness Plan 5% 12% Note: Class Assignments and Activity due dates will be announced in class. Late assignments/ activities will incur an automatic 50% penalty and must be turned in no later than 1 day after the due date.

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