A Quick Guide to Harvard Referencing Assignment

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A quick guide to Harvard Referencing This is the Library’s guide to Harvard referencing. The Library recommends that you check with your tutor before using this guide as they may have produced their own guidelines. There are two parts to Harvard referencing: 1 . Citing within the text – All ideas taken from the work of another (whether directly quoted or put into your own words) need to be identified within your assignment by adding the author’s surname, year of publication and page number in brackets e. G. The evidence in a recent study (Smith, 2002, p. 14) suggests…

If you include the author’s name within the text of your assignment you only need to add the year and page number in brackets e. G. In a recent study, Smith (2002, p. 14) suggests… 2. Reference List – The reference list goes at the end of your assignment and contains the full information of the sources (books, Journals, websites etc. ) that you have referred to in your assignment. Reference lists are in alphabetical order by the author’s surname. Punctuation I. E. Full stops, commas, colons etc. Are an important part of a reference (see examples in the tables). It is also important to be consistent.

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How to Cite and Reference Books Author(s), editor(s) or organization. Put the surname followed by their initials e. G. Allege, K. Or Lewis, C. S. If the book was written by an organization put the full name e. G. British Broadcasting Corporation. If the book has an editor put De. In brackets. If it has more than one editor put deeds in brackets e. G. (De. ) or (deeds. ) Year of publication in brackets e. G. (2010) Title: subtitle. In italics e. G. Human resource management: a critical text If you have accessed it electronically put Online in square brackets e. G. [Online]. Edition (if not the first). E. G. 2nd edition.

Place of publication: e. G. London: Publisher. E. G. Oxford University Press. Page numbers. (only required if it is a chapter from an edited book) shortened to either p. For one page and up. For a range of pages e. G. up. 33-62. Copyright 2012 The following information is only required if you have accessed the book electronically: Put Available from and the website address e. G. Available from: http:// lib. Military. Com/open. Asps? Id=1 55250&src=O Put Accessed and the date you accessed it in square brackets e. G. [Accessed 23 March 2011]. How to cite and reference books Books Single author In text citation (Gold, 2010, p. 5)

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