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You will also want to introduce some of the sources you will be using in your research essay. You will also need to turn in an annotated bibliography along with your prospectus (directions are on the following page. ) This prospectus is intended to give you a clear starting point for researching a problem or analyzing a part of our culture or community. You can use either use a community-based issue (see the following page) OR discuss an issue that is prevalent in popular culture (media, stereotypes, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. ). On the following page, I will list some possible prompts to help you get started.

Both papers (prospectus/research paper) must be completed in ML format. Ugh For the Prospectus: Part 1: Write a statement of the problem you see in the community or an analysis of the cultural issue you will be discussing. Avoid oversimplifying the Issue. Consider the impact of the problem on the community and on other communities – consider as many perspectives as you can think of. Deal with assumptions: If your view of the problem is based on assumption, you’ll need to clearly identify those assumptions and go on to say what you’re going to do to check out those assumptions to be sure they’re true. In other words, duodenum’s to inclusion without investigating the truth of those assumptions). Part 2: State the question that you will guide your research. The question must be specific enough that you will be able to provide in depth answers and analysis to the question. (For example: Do nutrition labels on packaged food influence a buyer’s purchase? ) Part 3: Describe at least ten questions that you will need to look into and research, followed by a brief explanation of why you think the questions are relevant to your topic. For example: Are the calories listed on nutrition labels based on a particular calorie diet for an average-sized person? This is a question will need to look into because there is a very big difference between a child’s calorie intake and a man’s. I believe the calorie value would either decrease or increase based on the person. This could mean the nutrition label is misleading). Part 4: You must integrate the use of at least one source in the prospectus. You can use the sources at the beginning when you introduce the issue or within the body as you discuss the questions you will be asking throughout your research.

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You need to use ML format for the prospectus and the research paper. Part 5: The prospectus is not an argumentative paper. You are only presenting a problem and discussing perspectives. You should include possible solutions to the paper, but not argue for a specific solution. When you write the research paper, you will still include multiple solutions, but you are allowed to argue for one solution over another. In other words, you may want to list the solutions in your questions, but do not need to include a written analysis of those solutions in your prospectus.

Part 6: You will need to include an annotated bibliography in a Works Cited format. You should have at least one resource listed and a description of the resource. See below for an example annotated bibliography. Further Details for the Prospectus: 1 This needs to be written in ML format. 2 Use at least 1 sources 3 2 pages in length (essay format), NOT including the annotated bibliography. 4 This is a formal academic assignment. It should be written in Standard Academic English -? no slang or colloquial language. Avoid using a subjective tone (“I think,” “l feel,” or other personal examples). 5 Email it to me by Monday, March 17.

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