Educational Psychology and Mental Alertness Assignment

Educational Psychology and Mental Alertness Assignment Words: 316

Posted on February 17, 2012 DATA (Defense Of The Ancients)….. A very popular computer game for a teenager nowadays and truly gives some benefits like fast typing, mental alertness, improving strategies and team participation. But some teenagers were mostly acquiring this game ‘s disadvantages that keeps this teenagers away from education.

So for me, I loud rather take education than this bad influence. First,in terms of money, some teenager students spend more money from their allowance in playing DATA instead of paying tuition and for buying such projects. Furthermore, many of them use it for placing bets on a team whether they will win or not, in other words “Gambling” and their other way of playing which money were involved. Next, as I observed in this game it could also give problems in our eyes because

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DATA has very high qualities in color, brightness and other video parts, but even though we could adjust it doses ‘t mean we can avoid such problems in terms of sight like this so-called “Far-sighted” or “Near-sighted” and results us with an eyeglass. And the last is that DATA could sometimes cause addictiveness and may result in failing grades, like my younger brother that spend to much money playing this game instead of studying hard and keep on saving his allowance.

But as you know, my younger brother’s experiencing nowadays is what I Just I had in my high school life, that ‘s why I almost fail some of my grades because of thinking about how to win always in that game and rather minding my failing grades. And after 2 years, I Just realized that playing DATA gives me nothing but being empty- handed at all times….. So I promise myself that I should lessen this game playing to avoid such bad influences that this disadvantages throws at me.

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