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A The deepest level of conformity. . Most research into conformity takes place in a laboratory. Outline one strength and one weakness of conducting research into conformity in a laboratory (2 + 2 marks) -Lab experiment has good control. The effects of extraneous variables are reduced and the test can be easily repeated for example In Summarizes studies everybody did the same task therefore It reduced extraneous variables; these are things that Influence the relationship between the variables that an experimenter Is examining..

A weakness of conformity In a lab experiment Is the ethics. People are often deceived about the experiment for example In aches study, they were told that the study was a test when in actual fact it was a study into conformity, this could be dealt with by debrief after the study, this would be by telling all the participants what the study was actually for. 4. Describe two ethical issues that arise in research on conformity and explain how psychologists might deal with these. 3 + 3 marks) -One issue that may arise when doing a study into conformity could be protection from harm for example sombreros study, you could deal with this by stopping the study or choosing a study that does to contain risks that are greater than those of everyday life. The prisoners got hurt, they were abused and made to do awful things Like cleaning out the toilet bowl with their hands and that was because they were not protected from harm.

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The second would be deception because in Sash’s study the participant was lied to therefore being deceived so deception would be a problem, this could be dealt with a debrief, this is telling the participants everything that you actually did in the study so that they can decide whether they want their data to be kept. 5. Explain which type of uniformity each girl was showing. (4 marks) Jan showed internationalist because she changed her views and agreed both biblically and privately.

This also shows informational social influence because she has a desire to fit in but has also taken on the view of all her friends at university and believes their interpretation is more accurate than hers which helped her to decide to only eat organic foods. North showed compliance because she went along with It but TLD change her views. This shows normative social Influence because she TLD want to appear foolish or left UT therefore she conformed In order to be liked. 6. Describe two problems with validity that occur in conformity research. 4 marks) There are many of problems that because the study involves inordinate tasks, it wasn’t something that you would do on a day to day basis, this would mean that you cannot generalist to the to real life. Another problem in conformity research could be found in Aches study. Aches study had low population validity because the study used people of a similar age therefore you cannot generalist to the wider population. 7. Discuss the use of research endings in the real world. Hint: look at Zanzibar) (3 marks) research findings in the real world can be used in many different ways for example from the results in sombreros study we can apply these to change situations where conformity can be a problem for example prisons in the USA have been changed and guards are trained more carefully. Another way that sombreros study is important for the real world is because it gives people an idea of what to expect in their prisons is there are high levels of control and it shows others what to watch out for.

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