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The American Scholar derived an excerpt from a talk given by Margaret Durable, an English author who stated, “Our desire to conform Is greater than our respect for objective facts. ” This quote declares that as we tend to Ignore our logic sense and morals in order to fulfill society needs. The desire to not be distinctive can make us cohere with something we normally wouldn’t agree to. As human beings we fall upon this constantly with smoking illegal substances, treating others with disrespect and the inability of implying our self morals in public.

In the united States, marijuana is known as an illegal substance, yet. It does not stop teens or “adults” from blazing it. In fact, it happens so often now a days that it’s considered to be non-taboo in a variety of places. For example,Tennessee is one of the most corrupted states in the US because of marijuana, still they continue to smoke the Illegal substance In order to conform with society. Peer pressure is the blame of this cause, for example, If a young boy who endeavors to be popular and becomes friends with the “in crowd”: he will disregard anything, even if its not right.

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Conformity and selfish needs defeat logic and morals to obtain popularity. As student In high school, I have fallen to conformity many times as so have others. For Instance, I have been guilt of excluding others because of different styles of wardrobe and personality; yet even though as a child I been taught to “treat people as I want to be treated. ” Conformity is able to intrigue you to do things you never imagined, as I did. However, I ignored my morals to continue “fitting in” or simply out of fear of disagreement and confrontation.

As humans, we have the natural Instinct of being afraid of standing up for what we believe It, because others may not concur with us. In elementary school, I experienced the sight of many inferior children getting bullied as myself. Yet, nobody would speak up because we’re all afraid of being targeted or teased for defending the “weak. ” Even though we acknowledge the fact that it was wrong, we continued to walk our own separate ways. Many say we are young and care too much for our reputation than our characters, but I believe you don’t have to be young to fall Into uniformity.

Nobody Is perfect, adults fall for It as well In order to keep employment, etc. Adults will do anything to maintain job like cheat, lie and steal, which is where conformity fits in. We work so hard to be accepted into society that we forget on walls and the matter we were raised. In other words, we come form to what society expects of us easily when we are faced with complex situations. Most of the times we choose not to do the right thing but the “easiest” thing at the moment.

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