Conformity And Obedience Assignment

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Obedience happens when someone performs an action under the orders of an authority figure. Parental relationships, workplace hierarchies, military units and school settings are all examples of how authority figures use obedience to accomplish tasks. The reason why people conform and obey the authority is because they feel that it is their duty to obey orders because they were told to do so. Back in Middle School, I was the “new’ kid because I had Just moved from a different state to Maryland. Everybody knew each other from elementary school and whatnot.

I was ally shy because I did not know anybody and plus that was my personality. Even during elementary school, I was really quiet even with my friends. I wanted to be able to fit in the group in middle school so I tried to become more outgoing, so that I will be able to make friends easily. The extent in which traditional students (young people) are particularly prone to obedience and conformity is when asked by authority or when they feel as if they have to obey. Just like Stanley Amalgam found that we are all surprisingly obedient to people in authority.

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In one of the most ammos series of experiments in psychology Amalgam demonstrated that most participants would give a helpless victim fatal electric shocks when ordered to. That shows that people of all ages obey and conform because they are ordered to do so. Amalgam states The Nazi extermination of European Jews is the most extreme instance of abhorrent immoral acts carried out by thousands of people in the name of obedience. Yet in lesser degree this type of thing is constantly recurring: ordinary citizens are ordered to destroy other people, and they do so because they consider it their duty to obey orders.

Thus, obedience to authority, long praised as a virtue, takes on a new aspect when it serves a malevolent cause; far from appearing as a virtue, it is transformed into a heinous sin, Which showcase that it does not matter who it is, people obey because it is an undeniable human need. Traditional students are prone to obey orders because they are still naive, and “new’ to the scene so they are somewhat still confused so they’re more prone to conformity and obedience. Their minds are muddled by schoolwork and stress; so they are more probable to obey authority compare to those that have a clear mind.

When they do obey to authority, they don’t think about their moral values This is, perhaps, the most fundamental lesson of our study: ordinary people, simply doing there Jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority.

It is inevitable for people not to obey to authority because we need to obey. Just like when we were younger if a teacher told us to be quiet, we would all be silent that’s what conforming to authority is basically like. We grow up being taught to obey orders from adults/authority, so we have this undeniable need to always obey orders even if it clashes with out moral values. It is hard to not obey orders when asked by authority because in our society we are told to obey authority because it is the law.

Conforming and obeying orders is an undeniable human need, In the Solomon Cash Conformity Experiment, Cash concluded that Apparently, people conform for two main reasons: because they want to fit in with the group (normative influence) and because they believe the group is better informed than they are (informational influence. ) Most traditional students conform to their peers because they want to be able to fit in the group, and because we are taught that it is better to go with a group than be alone.

For example: having a lot of friends is better than having one friend. People also conform if someone is of high status (e. G. Your boss) or has a lot of knowledge (e. G. Your teacher), they might be more influential, and so people will inform to their opinions more (e. G. Informational influence). The higher the status of the group the higher the level of conformity, that’s why traditional students are prone to conform because they are low on the status chart.

Traditional students are prone to conform and obey because it is an undeniable human need. Any individual who wants to be admitted to a group must show his or her conformity or her obedience to the group. Thus, all group members or at least the majority of the group must endorse all resolutions made by the group. Generally, obedience is a special trait that human beings value highly. Obedience is the strictly complying with a command or order. Without obedience, society will not exist.

If children do not obey their parents, if student hesitate to follow teacher’s instructions, if employees ignore all the rules and regulations, if soldiers reject their higher- ranking office then the society today would not exist. That’s the sole reason why obedience and conformity is such an undeniable need for humans. Without obedience and conformity, there might be chaos with society, and the government because people will not follow orders, and they won’t conform with people.

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