B-Values of Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Self-Actualization Assignment

B-Values of Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Self-Actualization Assignment Words: 445

An efficient perception of reality and a comfortable relationship with it. Extends to all areas of life. Superior ability to reason, see truth, and is logical and efficient. Accept yourself and others as they are. A lack of crippling guilt or shame, and enjoys life without regret and has no unnecessary inhibitions. Honest, genuine, and lacking facade. Self-acceptance does not equal self satisfied. Focuses on problems outside of self. Has a mission in life, requires great energy, and is devoted to duty.

Spontaneous inner life. Autonomous ethics are motivated by continual growth. Not hampered by convention, but no need to flaunt this trait. Non-conformity is not a goal in and of itself. Can be alone, but not lonely. Retains dignity in confusion. Self-motivated and responsible for own behavior. Fresh rather than stereotypical appreciation for people and basic good in life. Transcendent moment to moment living has a spiritual sense, as the present moment is lived to the fullest.

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A “feeling of limitless horizons…the feeling of being simultaneously more powerful and more helpless than one ever was before…wonder and awe…the conviction that something extremely important happened, so that the subject was to some extent transformed and strengthened in his/her daily life. ” ??? Abraham Maslow Identification, sympathy, and affection for mankind. Truth is clear and he/she is able to see what others cannot. Profound lintinate relationships are few and he/she is capable of greater love than others consider possible as friendliness and affection are given to all.

May attract others as followers, “disciples,” or admirers. Humble and friendly with all regardless of status/beliefs/ethnicity. Does not confuse means and ends. Enjoys getting to goal, not just the result. Has strong moral standards (may appear amoral to some) and clear sense of right/wrong and good/evil. Negative traits may provoke occasional anger and disgust, but does not shake one from a Democratic ideal. Jokes are teaching metaphors and often spontaneous. Is able to laugh at him/herself and avoids jokes that are designed to hurt others. An inborn uniqueness that carries over into everything they do.

An inner detachment from culture. May follow folkways, but not controlled by them. Works for long-term culture improvement, indignant when seeing injustice, and the ability to transcend the environment not just cope. Painfully aware of personal imperfections and joyfully aware of growth process. Impatient with themselves when stuck and feels real life pain as a result. Polar opposites merge into a third, higher phenomenon as though united, therefore opposite forces no longer felt like a conflict. Work becomes play, desire in accord with reason, childlike but wise.

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