Lord of the Flies Narrative Poem Assignment

Lord of the Flies Narrative Poem Assignment Words: 421

The Invasion l, the island, all alone in the sea, Have been invaded by humanity. A plane crashed while escaping war, And left several schoolboys upon my shore. In my jungle, a scar their tube did make, And simultaneously, my peace it did take. Two boys blew into a shell from my beach. All came to whom the sound did reach. They decided that they needed a chief, And Ralph was chosen, to Jack’s grief. The boys thought that survival would be fun, But were they ready to get the work done? Their happiness didn’t last and fears did rise.

A snake-beast was spotted by a littler s eyes. They decided to build a signal fire upon my mountain head, But out of control, the fire did spread. Missing is the littler who saw the beast, Yet the boys don’t seem to care that he’s likely deceased! Pig hunting became Jack’s obsession. The boys abandoned building huts in their transgression. Only Ralph and Simon remained to work, While in my bathing pool the rest did lurk. Simon is the only one who respects my beauty. Why is rescue not everyone’s top priority? The littlest are barely being taken care of,

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The older boys neglect to show them love. Jack and the boys hunted pigs and let the fire die. Ralph got angry, there was no signal as a ship passed by. The boys caught a pig so they chant and dance, But spirits were dampened at the loss of a rescue chance. The boys’ work ethics, Ralph did doubt: Defecating every/adhere, poor shelter, fire gone out! Thanks to Jack, the beast continued to bring fear, The littlest claimed to have seen it near. The voices of Piggy and Simon are kept quiet, And Jack lead the others into a frantic riot. On my mountain a dead parachutists did land, The twins spotted it and ran down to the sand. They claimed to have spotted a beast on my hill, Now all the boys want to do is to find it and kill. They searched a cave but the creature was not there, In fact there was no beast anywhere! Ralph is losing control of the bestial boys, All this talk of beasts is just useless noise. The real evil is inside the human mind, But to this fact these boys appear to be blind. Due to these children, my land has been hewn, hope that they leave me alone again soon.

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